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The Value of Beatitudes

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The Value of Beatitudes


There are so many blessings in our Bible. All blessings come from God the almighty. God’s blessings are different and accurate. We always require God’s blessings so that we can live on this earth as His children. When we say we are children of God we are belong to Him and hairs of His kingdom.

Happiness Vs Blessedness:

Some English translations we read as “Happy are those…” instead of “Blessed are those…”

As a child of God you and I can understand the difference between happiness and blessedness.

Happiness comes from the earth and blessedness comes from God or from heaven. Happiness stays for a while but blessedness stays forever. Happiness is a physical emotion of human heart and blessedness is spiritual gift to our lives.

Righteous Vs Unrighteous:

As the children of God, we always thirst for the spiritual blessings. These blessings come only if you thirst for godly things like righteousness before God, purity and broken heat and humble in spirit. The religious righteousness is only works of man but here Jesus is talking about purity in spirit and heart before God. The things we do should be acceptable to God. If we are pure in heart God and the Father and Jesus our Lord lives with in us. (John 14:23)

Merciful Vs Unmerciful:

The merciful, those who, instead of resenting injury, are ready to forgive, shall obtain the divine mercy. The fifth petition of the Lord's prayer implies that we must forgive if we expect to be forgiven.

Christ is our Righteousness:

Finally, Jesus talking here about the persecuted Christians who are suffering for Christ and His Gospel sake. They are courageous children of God on this earth. Jesus encourages His disciple to take their crosses to follow Him. Many Christians think they are un-able to do this kind of courage, when the time comes God will give them these courage to die for His Gospel. We suffer for Jesus because He is our righteousness and He will give us His righteousness for us to be blessed and lead us in the eternal life.


Our responsibility is to relay on God for all blessings and happiness and for our salvation but not on our own religious rites or our self-righteousness. These children of God are eligible to the kingdom of God that comes through Jesus Christ, who died and raised for our justification. Amen.

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