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The Day of the Lord

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Many pastors and evangelists of present days are preaching about the second coming of Christ. Believers who attend the meetings want to study of book of Revelation to know more about the end times. Some Christians do not want to read the book of Revelation because it contains many mysteries, which they cannot understand. Whatever the situations may be, we all Christians do believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will come to this earth to judge people and every one of us will stand before Him. The question is how we understand to get ready for this up coming event.

The Day Unknown:

Jesus told his disciple about His second coming to judge but he did not tell them the exact time, and he told them “only the Father in heaven knows the day.” From few weeks, we are hearing messages about His coming in our worship services. In addition, the preacher is awaking you and asking you to be ready for this “Judgment Day.”

Un Happy to Unbelievers:

Paul also is doing same thing to the believer in Thessalonica. He is explaining them how the day of the Lord looks like. Jesus did not say that His second coming is the “Day of the Lord”; however, Paul is using this name from the Old Testament. The Prophets like, Isaiah, Amos, Joel, Zephaniah and Malachi used this name for the judgment day for the people who do not listen the Law of the Lord. The day is not a happy day for them who are not believers but it is a happy day for those who trust in Jesus for their salvation.

Paul is using two metaphors, which Jesus used in the Gospel of Matthew 24th chapter. “The Lord will come like a thief in the night”, and “as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman.” It means that the day of the Lord will come suddenly and surprisingly.

Believers must alert:

In the present days many preachers and evangelists calculating the times and signs and preaching that the day of the Lord is very near and we will see in our life time. It may be true or may not be true but Paul says, “While people are saying, ‘There is peace and security,’ then sudden destruction will come.” This will come when many people are not ready for His second coming. Nevertheless, the duty of the preachers is to make the believers always alert to see the Day of Judgment.


So, Paul says, that be like children of light but not children of darkness who are in sin. We the children of light are redeemed by the blood of Christ from our sinful nature. We belong to Christ but not of the world. So he says be prepared with the armor of light. Our armors of light are: Love, Hope and faith. Amen.

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