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Keep on Burning

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Keep on Burning

Matthew 25:1-13


We are living in the age of Oil and Gas. Without them, our lives are miserable. If our car gas runs out in the middle of the expressway, what shall we do? It is our worst condition and we curse our selves because of our negligence to fill the gas before it’s runs out. Whose fault is this? You blame on yourself. You do not blame the car or carmaker; you do not blame the road or Government who made the road for your travel. You should get down the car and go for to get some help to get the gas. However, you may be late for your appointments.


This same thing happened to five virgins who did not bring extra oil for their lamps. Therefore, Jesus called them “foolish virgins”. How many times we act like “foolish”. Because of our carelessness and our negligence, we do not prepare well. Because of their foolishness, the five virgins missed the important banquet. Not only they missed the feast but also they missed the friendship of the bride and the bridegroom of the marriage.

Verse eight, “The foolish said to the wise, ‘give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out’”. The foolish realized that their lamps are going out without oil and they had a problem. Always find out your problem first, not when it has happened, but before it happens. It was also foolish to ask the wise, “give us your oil” because they were wise enough not to share with them for they were very prudent and foresighted. In the last minute, no one will help as when we are in a problem like this.

The act of wise:

Many people think that they have time to repent. They postponed accepting Jesus as their Savior and the Lord. When the death comes suddenly and no one will help them to save their souls.

In addition, you will hear the voice of trumpets at the coming of our Lord Jesus, because you are not ready to meet Him, you are lost. Then you will come and say, "Lord, Lord open the door for me, because I am your servant and I am your believer."

Then what will you going to hear, “I do not know you, go away.”


So always, keep your light burning. Your light is your soul and spiritual life. The oil is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins to give you eternal life. Continue your faith forever until the end.

We do not know the hour of His coming or the hour of our death. Always be prepared like the wise virgins with extra oil means our faith in Jesus to meet your Lord and to enter into the eternal life. Keep on burning your light until the end. Amen.

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