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Sermon 4th Sunday of Lent Part IV Dark side of David

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Sermon: “The Dark Side of David”

4th Sunday of Lent

Scripture: 2 Samuel 12: 7-15; Matthew 7: 3-5

Sermon: Part IV – Discovering Who We Are: “The Dark Side of David”

Prepared by Carl Schaefer

For Grace United Methodist Church

March 6, 2005

  1. Review of series: Jonah – Anger; Elijah – Fear; Jeremiah – doubt; and David – sin;
  2. Each week in this series allows us to exam ourselves through the eyes of a Biblical character, one or more that we can identify with as we journey to the cross this Lent. The road of Lent is a sobering time of self-examination – we travel and pray listening to our inner self – learning about who we really are vs. who we might pretend to be.
  3. Today, we examine ourselves as sinners – one in need of repenting – reforming – transforming.
  4. It is not easy to admit that we are as sinners, much less that what we should be – certainly less than what we should represent to the world.
  5. David was such a character – by reputation the greatest of the Kings of Israel – lineage of David – the one anointed over all of his brothers, the slayer of the giant, God’s choice over Saul, the one with God made of Covenant (I Chronicles 17: 4-14) the player of music, the writer of Psalms, the warrior King, whose victories are numerous, who brought the ark to Jerusalem.
  6. Now the other side: the adulterer of Bathesheba, the murderer of Uriah, the denier of guilt, the mourner of Absalom.
  7. Like us, we are confronted by God, as we read the rebuke of Nathan – 2 Samuel 12: 1-12
  8. How much are we in denial before God – either for our sins we have committed or for the sin we have not forgiven others for, including our selves. God looks at us like Nathan looked at David and says, “You are the One!”
  9. What can we learn from David: No one is exempt from sin – no king, no servant. No one is w/o need of redemption.(Paul had said – “All have fallen short of the glory of God.) So we must be confronted and in the example: Repent: David had said, 2 Samuel 12: 13 “I have sinned against the Lord.” --- Psalm 51
  10. There was a price to pay… 2 Samuel 12: 11, “This is what the Lord says…. Vs. 13 Nathan replied, “This Lord has taken away…”
  11. Today – before the Cross, we must own-up to the Lord, we must repent, the price we pay is not that of David’s punishment, for it is our own sin, small or large. And to repent means to turn away and turn to the one – Christ crucified. The price is like saying: If I smoke, and it offends or puts my body at risk – repent. If I abuse drugs, and if it is illegal and/or puts my body at risk, stop! If I abuse my spouse or family member physically or emotionally, stop! If we are in denial of our sin, stop and repent … tune into a different station.
  12. We have David to know that we are totally human; We need to know that the alternative is to repent. We need to know that the Lord will hold us accountable. We need to know that God will forgive us and has offered Christ crucified as the most significant endeavor of our lives. We need to know that when we get to the cross on Good Friday, David, the King of Judah, ancestor to Jesus, has already been there. If we turn to the Cross, we will not be alone; God is Jesus Christ will be there waiting.
  13. The Communion Table: The Table of the Lord is our cross today. Let us Come! It is gathering of David’s ancestors. It is the gathering of the Lord. It is the gathering of all who gather to repent of their sin and then turn away. It is the gathering for all who honestly seek the Lord. It is a life giving stop before we get to the Cross.
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