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How Do You Relate?

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How Do You Relate?

April 29, 2001            Galatians 3:26-4:7


Video: A Modern Parable


I.       Relationship Affirmed (vv. 3:26-29)

A.      You are all related in Christ through faith. (v. 26)

B.      You are all related in Christ through experience. (v. 27)

C.      You are all related in Christ through identity. (v. 28)

          1.       Christ supercedes cultural identity.

          2.       Christ supercedes social identity.

          3.       Christ supercedes sexual identity.

D.      You are all related in Christ through lineage. (v. 29)

II.      Relationship Explained (vv. 4:1-6)

A.      An earthly heir must come of age. (vv.1-2)

B.      A spiritual heir must come of age. (v. 3)

C.      That age is fulfilled by the coming of Christ. (vv. 4-5)

          1.       Christ came at the right time.

          2.       Christ came from the right source.

          3.       Christ came in the right way.

          4.       Christ came in the right context.

          5.       Christ came for the right reason.

D.      That age is affirmed by the ministry of the Spirit. (v. 6)

          1.       You are free from the curse of the law.

          2.       You are free to be led by God.

          3.       You are free to be intimate with God.

III.    Relationship Summarized (v. 4:7)

A.      You are now a son and heir of God and not a slave. (v. 7)

Illustration: Men of Honor – "ASNF: A Son Never Forgets" (Master Chief Carl Brashear)

Timeless Truth: How do you relate? Do you relate well enough to cash in on it?

In Christ you have all you will ever need; all the riches of heaven, all the rightness of God, all the intimacy of his relationship. Nothing else need be added to this one-ingredient recipe for godliness. Anything else added will only contaminate. Anything else will only distract. Anything else will hinder your success, because God is a jealous God and wants to be all that you need. Through faith in Christ alone you are right with God. Beware of any enticement or instruction that adds anything to the gospel.

          So how do you relate? Through Christ alone.

Receive no other gospel than the one you received from me (1:6–10)

Because my gospel is not from man (1:11)

 Three evidences that I did not receive it from man:

 1) I did not consult with man ( 1:13–24)

 2) The pillar Apostles endorsed it (2:1–10)

 3) I am not concerned about popular opinion (2:11–21)

Also because works-righteousness is foolishness (3:1–3)

Evidence that works -righteousness is folly:

1) Your own experience is proof (3:4–5)

2) The Old Testament (Abraham) is proof (3:6–29)

Cranfield lists six different functions of the Mosaic law:

1. The law, as the revelation of God’s will, has for its true  purpose ‘life’ for men (Romans 7:10).

2. The law, as God’s revelation, makes sin manifest as sin (Romans 3:20).

3. The law, as God’s revelation, enhances sin by turning men’s continuing disobedience from ignorant transgression into willful transgression (Romans 5:20a).

4. The law makes men sin more in two ways

a. Sin (personified) uses the commandment to dare sinful man to cross the transgression line (Romans 7:7, 8).

b. The law provides an opportunity for legalism.

5. The law pronounces God’s condemnation and curse upon sin (2 Cor. 3:9).

6. The ultimate goal of the law is Christ (Romans 10:4).

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