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Keeping the Vision Alive

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Keeping the Vision Alive

Ephesians 1:15-23        June 12, 2005


Like vv. 3-14, this is all one sentence in the Greek.


“For this reason” – because of all the blessings of God which are his vision for you, I pray that you might keep the vision alive.




          Vision – see thru the fog/focus

          Joan – lens implant/clarity

          John 17 – Jesus vision for us in prayer

          Iraq war

          Campus Crusade mid-east communications center plans

          Prayer Station

          Glenview EFC concert

          Calvary Memorial Church newspaper article on ‘breakout churches’

          Janet at Salv. Army Camp – have wedding there


Church must reinvent itself every 40 years/time for Mayfair as we recount our history coming up to our centennial


There was vision when the church started


There was vision 50 years later with new addition


There needs to be new vision now


The power for our vision comes from God’s resurrection power in Jesus when he raised him from the dead


What is your vision for your life?


What do the ‘eyes of your heart’ see for Mayfair?


We must keep God’s vision for us alive in our hearts.

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