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The Steps of Sin Lead to Slippery Slopes

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Proposition: There is no way to indulge in a little bit of sin. When the course has been fully run, that road is full of death and destruction.

Introduction: David Stayed in Jerusalem
A. David should have been at war.
B. When we were young and in the wrong place at the wrong time
C. We need make sure we occupy our time doing and going where God approves

I. Drawn by desires

A. David saw Bathsheba Bathing
B. Surfing channels and finding something inappropriate
C. We catch glances of inappropriate things at times, but we must not give in to the desires

II. Enticed by desires

A. David asked for her to be brought to his house
B. Cancer can be dealt with easier when treated early, but if it is ignored (or not detected) It can be deadly
C. We need to address our impure desire earlier rather than later. we may surcum to them if we entertain them too long

III. Full grown sin brings forth death

A. David and Bathsheba sin caused the need for a cover up, and eventually the death of people
B. Adam's sin brought death to all of humanity
C. We need to think of how our action will effect the lives of others

Conclusion: Who do you please? You or God?

A. David chose to please his own lustful desires and not to please God
B.There use to be a popular saying WWJD, but we need to ask "what would Jesus have me to do?"
C. Lord is it I? (communion service) If we would judge ourselves we would not be judged.

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