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Acts 2 vv 1-13 [040530 LPC]

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A few weeks ago, J & K in London (to celebrate our Ruby Wedding)

went on Sun. morning to worship at

HTB – home of the Alpha Course…

The Alpha Course:  phenomenon in Ch. life!

-          began as simple presentation of Xian Faith for new Xians (1977)

Nicky Gumbel (!) took over in 1990 – developed it as means of evangelism: informal, friendly, open, relaxed.

Now world-wide – in 21 countries

(incl. Scotland!)

                                          Acknowledged & respected everywhere -                                                                       e.g. Sandy Millar preached

in Uganda

(new Archbp’s installation)

In Abdn.: used course many times – in local pub, in ch., in homes …

Course covers imp. qns. to which people want straightforward answers


HS w/e or HS Day: essential element  (without it, Course is impotent …)

: teaching and experience

—    HS is not intellectual concept,

but “lived reality” !

Conf. Prep classes … – understand FATHER …

                                               “        JESUS …

                                       but not HOLY SPIRIT …

First Xians came to understanding through experience … Jews …

Still today, HS recognised in what He does!  Cf. “wind” [ruach]

HS Day – 3 sessions: Who is the Holy Spirit?

                                   What does the Holy Spirit do?

                                   How can I be filled with the Spirit?

These are qns. that are relevant to every believer, and to which we need to know the answers!

Do you?  Do you want to?  - on this Day of the Holy


1. Who is the HS?

            Often ignored and misunderstood … !

            At work from beginning (Creation …)

In OT, came on particular people for particular tasks

(cf. Gideon, Samson, Isaiah – for leadership, strength and


            Promised by Father (cf Joel 2:28 “I will pour out my


            Predicted by Jesus …

2. What does the HS do?

            Gives us “new birth” (cf. Jn. 3)

            Helps us to pray (cf. Rom 8:26)

            Teaches us to understand Bible

            Unites us in family of God

            Produces in us “family likeness”

            Gives spiritual *fruit / ☼gifts and strength for “service”

               [*love, joy, peace,…” ☼gifts include “speaking in tongues”…]

3. How can I be filled with the Spirit?

            Look at what happened on Day of Pentecost —



            Are these evident in this church?

                                                in our lives?

            ASK God for HS today — to be “filled” today!

§  Co-operate with HS

§  Believe

§  Persevere

Greatest hindrances are

      • Doubt
      • Fear
      • Inadequacy & unworthiness

HS blesses / changes / heals / enriches …

            Do not resist …

Do not quench…

            Do not deceive…




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