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Lottery Winner Eats $15,000 Winning Lottery Ticket

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One airline passenger became so irate that he could not claim his $15,000 winning scratch card while on board a flight that he took rather odd action — he ate his ticket.

Cabin crew on a Thursday flight from Krakow, Poland, to the U.K.'s East Midlands airport congratulated the winner and advised him to claim his prize directly from the company which runs the lottery, according to

But he apparently became so upset that he was not able to collect the prize mid-flight that he decided to digest his winning scratch card ... invalidating his claim.

The airline was asking visitors to its website to decide which charity should get the $15,000 prize.

"Passengers have always been delighted to claim their large cash prizes after returning home," Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said.

"Unfortunately our latest winner felt that we should have his €10,000 prize kicking around on the aircraft."

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