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Sermon Getting The Gospel Right

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(Galatians 1:6-10

INTRO: Jesus "came into this world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost," said the apostle Paul. His coming was grace personified. Grace refers to a free gift and Jesus is that gift- John 3:16. It seems like an easy message to discern and entertain, but perhaps that depends on one's background and upbringing.


1.  Paul- Jew Turned Christian, Apostle To Gentiles

Galatians- Feisty, Fickle Mix of Jews and Gentiles, Now Christians

Judaizers- Those Jews Who Embraced Christ But Added Law


1.  VIDEO- "Houston, We Have A Problem"

Larger Problem Is A Distorted Gospel. It says:

1.  God did NOT "give" his only Son.

Salvation by grace is a lie.

Romans 11:6- is an error.

2.  Sad Situation: Deserting God.-Gal. 1:6

1.  Desertion has the meaning treason. If guilty of this we are rejecting God's plan for our own.

This is not through agnosticism or atheism.

Just influence of judaizers(Acts 14:27-15:12)

2.  "there are some who are a disturbing you and want to distort the gospel of Christ..."

1.  The wording in Gal. 1:6,7 includes: heteros and allos

I wonder that ye are so quickly removed from Him who did call you in the grace of Christ to another good news; that is not another..." Young's Literal

3.  These Christians Were Leaving The Grace of God and Leaving The God Of Grace!

1.  The perverted gospel transforms the gospel from good news about what God has done for us into advice about what we need to do.

In a subtle way, we end up believing our faith and not the object of our faith is savior.

The end result of the preacher is "accursed"

While the end result for the practitioner is a fall from grace.- Gal. 5:4


1.  We Must Make Every Effort To Put Our Trust In Jesus And Not In Our Own Actions

1.  "...the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age"

2.  The first three verses of Galatians 3 nail it down.

2.  We Must Not Be Content To Identify "Law " As "Law of Moses" Every Time.

1.  A couple of examples: 2:16; 3:1-3

Law- "a legalistic code where one violation condemns"- cf. James 2:10-13

3.  Whenever We Find Ourselves Thinking, "I am saved because I did. ______" We Are In Trouble.

1.  This does not nullify conditional salvation. cf. John 3:16

It does point to the real reason for our salvation.

4.  A Lack Of Spirituality Arises While We Practice Self-Sufficiency.

1.  Prayer is not so important, as we are already obedient.

Confession and sharing can be easily circumvented as unnecessary.

Then, the church is on the road toward institutionalism!

5.  Examine Yourself To See If Your Upbringing Encouraged Living By Faith or By Works.

1.  This, of course, in within yourself. cf. I Cor. 2:11

2.  If you need to repent remember that it is to Jesus that you turn.


Sunday Night, March 7/10

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