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True and not true: —That God does not hear the prayer of sinners

1. IT IS WRONG TO WRENCH PASSAGES out of context, and treat them as infallible scripture when they are reporting the sayings and thoughts of men. By interpreting foolishly we can prove that there is no God (Psalm 14:1), that God hath forgotten His people (Isaiah 49:14), that Christ was a winebibber (Matthew 9:19), and that we ought to worship the devil (Matthew 4:19).

2. OUR TEXT IS THE SAYING OF A SHREWD BLIND MAN. It is to be taken for what it is worth; but by no means to be regarded as Christ’s teaching. The Pharisees evidently admitted its force, and were puzzled by it. It was good argument as against them. It is true or false as we may happen to view it.


1. God does hear men who sin, or else He would hear no one:

2. God does sometimes hear and answers unregenerate men. Cornelius was heard for his prayers.

3. God does graciously hear sinners when they cry for mercy. Not to believe this is to— To render the

    gospel no gospel. He hears their repentance, confession of faith, and baptism.


1. He hears no sinner’s prayer apart from the Lord Jesus (1 Tim 2:5; Ephesians 2:18).

2. He will not hear a wicked, formal, heartless prayer (Proverbs 15:29).

3. He will not hear the hypocrite’s mockery of prayer (Job 27:9).

4. He will not hear even His people when sin is entertained in their hearts (Psalm 66:18).

5. He will not hear those who harden their hearts against His Spirit, His providence, the appeals of His             ministers, and the strivings of conscience.


1. He cannot hear those who never speak to Him.

2. He has never yet given any one of us a fiat refusal.

3. He permits us at this moment to pray, and it will

I Seek To Abide In Him

Ask great things from God: Sir Walter Raleigh one day asking a favour from Queen Elizabeth, the latter said to him, “Raleigh, when will you leave off begging?” To which he answered, “When your Majesty leaves off giving.” Ask great things of God. Expect great things from God. Let His past goodness make us “instant in prayer.” (W. Baxendale.)

I Am Willing To Forgive Others.

Heb 12:15  See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no "root of bitterness" springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled;

I Believe He will Answer

A royal waverer: — James the First of England, and the Sixth of Scotland, was a waverer. He was aware of this defect, and heard of a preacher who was singularly happy in his choice of texts. James appointed him to preach before him, that he might put his abilities to the test. The preacher, with the utmost gravity, gave out his text in the following words: “James the First and Sixth [<590106>James 1:6], in the latter part of the verse, ‘ For he that wavereth,’” &c. “He is at me already!” said the king.

I pray in Jesus Name

Carnival Illustration

I read a story that illustrates this.  A man took his young son and about fourteen of his son's friends to the carnival for a birthday party.  He bought a roll of tickets and he'd stand at the front of every ride and as the kids came by -- his son and the fourteen friends -- he gave everybody a ticket. He was just handing them out.  All of a sudden he looked up and realized there was a little boy with his hand out asking for a ticket that he'd never seen in his life.  He stopped and said, "Son, are you with my son's party?"  No.  "Why should I give you a ticket?"  The young boy turned around and pointed to the man's son and said, "Your son said you'd give me one."  So he gave him one.

Which of these conditions have you been overlooking?

That's why you haven't been getting any answers to prayer.

·          Have you been holding a grudge?  Who’s it with? …drop it right now!

·          Are you refusing to admit some wrong in your life.

·          Are you doubting?  You have a choice… stop doubting or stop praying.

o    The greatesi motivation for praying is answered prayer… you know of times God has.

·          Where is your motive?  Why do you want God to bless you?  Are you willing to share his blessings?

·          Is God’s word living in your heart… personal bible study?

·          Are you seeking to abide in Jesus…trusting submitting loving obeying

·          Can you pray in Jesus name?  You can’t unless you have a genuine relationship with him.

o    It’s not about membership…it never was… it’s not about being religious… relationship.

§  He loved you to death and he loves you forever!

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