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Sermon Application Pyramid

Title: LORD! You Want Me To Go Where    Scripture: Ex. 13:21-14:4        Date: April 3rd 2005

1. People:Who are the people in this passage and how are they like us today?  The people are the Israelites recently freed from bondage. They have been slaves and now redeemed by God from the Egyptians. There is also Moses and the Lord. The Israelites are like us in that we all want a promised land. We want to be happy and possess our own life. They have begun a journey which will give them their desires, but only through the guidance of God’s presence.
2. Place:What is the setting and what are the similarities to our world? The setting is in Egypt. Egypt was a pit of bondage for the Israelites. Yet they had food, clothing, shelter. Egypt is like our world. It puts us into bondage and really doesn’t want to let us be free. The Egyptians will look for excuses to drag the Israelites back into bondage. So God leads them into a cul de sac in order to gain glory over the world.
3. Plot:What is happening? Is there any conflict or tension? How would I have acted in that situation There is not a lot of conflict yet in these verses. But if God was leading me in pillar and cloud I think I would have had a false kind of bravado. At least until I saw where he was taking me. Often God leads us into tight spots, and that produces a lot of tension.
4. Point:What was the intended message for the first people to hear this passage? What did God want them to learn or feel or do?  The intended message is three fold. First God guides his people to where he wants them. Second God guide them into tight places. Third God guides us there to gain glory over Satan. God wants me to trust his guidance. God wants me face where he put me with courage. God want me to be more concern with his glory than my comfort. And if I’m in a tight spot because it my fault he wants me to repent, he will still provide a way for me.
5. Principles: What are the timeless truths?  1.      God Is Present to Guide His People2.      God Guides Us Into Difficult and Impossible Places3.      God Guides Us For His Glory.
6. Present: How is this relevant in our world today?  I need to be reassured that God is leading me today. Often the world like Egypt seems overpowering in its influence. It releavant when I do his will and problems arise. I need to know God has be here for a purpose which is to give him glory.
7. Parallels: Where does this truth apply to my life? At home, at work, at school, in church, in the neighborhood.   
8. Personal: What attitude, action, value or belief needs to change in me?   
9. Plan:What would be my first step of action?  

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