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Identity Theft

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Identity theft should be defined as: The crime of stealing someone's personal, identifying information for the purpose of using that information fraudulently. Personal, identifying information includes: Social Security Numbers, credit card and banking account numbers, usernames, passwords, and patient records. Fraudulent uses for that information can often include: opening new credit accounts, taking out loans in the victim's name, stealing money from financial accounts, or using available credit.

It is said that all truth is parallel, and so as it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual ladies and gentlemen, the enemy of our soul has stripped away the identity of millions of people who walk around not knowing who they are.  Oh, they know their names, but they don’t know who they are. (reference the lion king)  Whenever you see a young man walking around with his pants below his waist showing us his fatty, he is a victim of identity theft.  Whenever you see a young lady dress in a way to deliberately be suggestive she has lost her way, she is a victim of identity theft.  Now I can assure you that my intention is not to be judgmental, but to watch a generation of young people taken right out from under us and not to have anybody be able to do anything about it is disheartening.  So you shouldn’t be surprised if one day you are walking down the street and you see a person whose hair is a beautiful jet black on Monday but by Wednesday, it’s a hot pink cut to the style of a Mohawk.  People are trying to find themselves and they are looking in all kinds of places.  Let me also suggest that one does not only lose him or herself in what we may consider to be the social ills of society, but you can lose your identity on a well paying job, with a six figure income.  With land and lots, with fortune and fame.  Is it any wonder that mega stars with seemingly everything to live for still find themselves in affairs, and in some cases, still strung out on drugs.

So the question this morning is Who am I?

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