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A Living Hope and A Sure Salvation

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A Living Hope and a Sure Salvation

1 Peter 1:3-12


A. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

B. The ultimate chain is one in which each link has unlimited strength

1. Our hope and salvation is attached to such a chain

2. This is a chain which will never break

3. The first link in the chain is God the Father. Let’s determine the…

I. The functions of the Father (1 Peter 1:3-5)

A. He has “caused us to be born again”

1. I’m immediately reminded of John 3 – Nicodemus visits Jesus at night

a. A spiritual new birth is required to enter the kingdom of heaven

b. This new birth happens only at baptism

2. This new birth puts us into God’s family – He becomes our Father

3. This new life gives us a “living hope”

a. Based on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead

b. This “living hope” is in direct contrast to a ‘dead’ hope

c. This was an expression of God’s “great mercy”

4. This new birth implies an inheritance

a. Jesus conquered death

b. We will also conquer death

B. He has given His heirs “an inheritance”

1. A three-fold description of this inheritance

a. “imperishable” – not affected by dissolution or decay

b. “undefiled” – pure and chaste; used to describe our High Priest in Hebrews 7:26

c. “will not fade away” – it will not deteriorate nor will the passing of time make it any less desirable or attractive

d. For these 1st century Christians it didn’t look too good

e. The application: no matter what it may look like, our inheritance will be there for us

2. Location of this inheritance

a. “reserved in heaven for you” – not now available – something to look forward to

b. Literally ‘to keep in watchful custody’

Illustration: ‘You know how to take a reservation, but you do not know how to hold a reservation’

c. This small phrase completely destroys the idea of the premillennialist that the inheritance will be enjoyed on this earth

d. Our future home is heaven – which Jesus has gone to prepare (John 14:1-6)

C. He has protected us by His power

1. This word “protected” is a military term

a. This suggests a band of soldiers surrounding the faithful

b. Our safety is guaranteed as long as we stay within this ring of faith

2. This passage establishes the possibility of falling away from the faith

D. Knowing these truths about God the Father is cause for great joy

1. “Even though distressed by various trial”

a. Those to whom Peter wrote were suffering severe persecution

b. Peter reminds them of the present and future blessings that they enjoy because they are heirs of God the Father

2. “greatly rejoice” is the exact same word used by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount – “Blessed are you when men cast insults at you, and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, on account of Me. Rejoice and be exceeding glad” (KJV, Matthew 5:11,12).

3. The results of genuine faith – faith that has been tested and approved

a. “praise” – approval to those who have been good and faithful servants

b. “glory” – tokens of triumph; a crown and a robe

c. “honor” – possessed by Jesus before the foundations of the world and shared with those who follow Him

4. This leads us to the second link in the chain. Let’s determine the...

II. The activity of the Son – Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:8,9)

A. He will return – “at the revelation of Jesus Christ”

B. He will save those who remain faithful

1. Salvation is the aim of all revelation

2. ‘Salvation’ occurs in every book in the NT (in either verb or noun form)

3. This is the ultimate end of the divine plan of God

C. The attitude of those who are faithful to Him

1. They love Him – indicating reverence and awe

2. They believe in Him – even though He is unseen by them

3. They “greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory”

D. ‘Jesus’ means ‘salvation’ – SEE: Matthew 1:21

E. This leads us to the third link in the chain. Let’s determine the…

III. The participation of the Holy Spirit (1 Peter 1:10-12)

A. A glimpse of ‘inspiration’

1. “…the prophets who prophesied…”

a. Referring to ‘prophets’ as a class of people

b. “…made careful search and inquiry…” –literally to ‘trace our in detail’

1) Searching diligently their own writings

2) By prayer, close study, meditation

3) SEE: Daniel 12:8 – “As for me, I heard but could not understand;”

2. “…the Spirit of Christ within them…”

a. They wanted to know the time and manner of time

b. If they couldn’t figure out the exact time they at least wanted to know the age or dispensation when all they were prophesying would occur

3. The Holy Spirit, in the prophets, led them to testify concerning the “sufferings of Christ”

a. Christ was BOTH a suffering Savior and a reigning King

b. His sufferings led to the “glories to follow”

1) Resurrection

2) His ascension

3) Coronation as King

4) His reign at God’s right hand

B. Several observations concerning the work of the Holy Spirit

1. He dwelt in the prophets, directed their thoughts and supplied the revelations which they delivered

2. Prophets of the NT had similar operations (2 Peter 1:20,21)

3. “the Spirit of Christ” existed during the time of the ancient prophets; therefore, Christ is God – having always existed

C. Their prophesies, given by the Holy Spirit, would be fulfilled

1. Not in their time – “…not serving themselves…”

2. But in succeeding ages – “…through those who preached the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit…”

3. Therefore, the Holy Spirit had predicted the events and preached their fulfillment through the apostles


A. “…things into which angels long to look.”

1. The marvelous depths of redemption of mankind amazes the ‘heavenly messengers’

2. They longed to discover its great and fundamental facts

B. We have the operation of the ‘Godhead’ spelled out for us in these short verses

1. There is a reservation in heaven for you, thanks to God’s mercy (don’t you dare cancel that reservation)

2. Christ will return to save those who are faithful

3. The Holy Spirit, through the prophets both predicted and preached the fulfillment of all that was written

C. We have reason to “bless the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ”

1. Salvation is there for you – make the necessary steps to accept it

2. Hear it, believe it, repent, confess Him, and be immersed for the remission of your sins – and then remain faithful until death

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