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Real Worship

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Lesson 2

Real Worship

Three things that must be present for real worship

Revelation 1:9-20


Three things that are needed to experience real worship:

1. The Right Attitude (vv.9-10)

    A- I must recognize who I am. (V.9).

         1) I am a family member.

         2) I am a companion to other Christians who are in tribulation.

         3) I am a citizen of the Kingdom where Christ rules.

         4) I am a part of those who steadfastly persevere.

     B- I must recognize that there is a cause worth selling out to.

     C- I must be in tune with God in all circumstances (v.10).

2. The Undivided Attention (vv. 11-16).

     A- Pay attention to what He has to say (v.12).

     B- Worship Him for who He is (vv.13-16).

          1) He is the one who has the final word.

          2) He is our high priest and mediator.

          3) He is the Holy One.

          4) He is the one who knows all about you.

          5) He is the one who will judge me.

          6) He is the one with all power.

          7) He is the one who upholds the ones who serve Him.

3. The Required Action (vv. 17-20).

    A- Adoration (v.17).

         1) Real adoration will cause us to worship at His feet.

         2) Real adoration replaces fear with love and respect.

         3) Real adoration causes us to realize the extent of His power.

    B- Surrender to His purpose (v.19-20).

         1) We become willing to do what He says.

1.  When and where did this story take place?

  1. What is the pivotal event in this story?

3.  Who are the main characters in this story?

How did they relate to one another?

4.  How might it have been different if John had not been engaging in real worship?

5.  How do you think John felt when he saw Jesus?

6.  What was John’s attitude toward God?

7.  What important principles does this event teach us about real worship?

8.  What changes in your thoughts are required if you are to conform to the principles taught here?

9.  What should be your first step toward engaging in real worship?

©Copyright 2003 by Dr. George B. Bannister, All Rights Reserved.

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