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Willing to Do the Will of God

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Proposition: There is no difference in one's professional life and religious life. No area of our life should be sheltered from God. The friends we make, the spouse we marry, the school we attend, the career we pursue, and our long term plans all should be pleasing to our God.

Introduction: I have to work to support my family

I have to be careful not to consider these two separate lives

    1. Work life
    2. Church life

All should be done to the glory of God

    1. I should be a good employee to give glory to God

The Audience – Who is James speaking to?

A. Those who say...(Those who make plans)

    1. Short Term
    2. Long Term

B. Make Business and Life Decisions

    1. School
    2. Marriage
    3. Career
    4. Financial

The Attitude – What is the problem?

A. There is no problem with planning in and of itself

    1. Planning is wise and God wants us to plan (Count up the cost. Luke 14:28)

B. The problem is with how we plan

    1. Planning as if there was no God
      1. Acting as if our lives are the most important concern
      2. but our lives are like a vapor
    2. Planning as if God's will means nothing (Luke 12:16-20)
      1. Not seeking God's will
      2. ignoring God's will

The Answer – What is the solution?

A. Learn God's will

    1. Bible

B. Trust in God's will

C. Do God's will

Conclusion: Get the hence, Satan... (Matthew 4:10)

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