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The Parable Of The Mighty Oak

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A Reflection on Marriages

Ralph Sorter

Behold the parable of the Mighty Oak Tree.  We are family here at Crossroads.  The Holy Spirit grafts each of us into each other so that we are members one of another.  We are now a part of your family tree.  As you listen to this parable, I want you to think of the implications it has upon marriages.

The Mighty Oak thinks it is impervious to all the elements that can come against it.  It thinks all it has to do is send down its roots and that it can stand up to any condition.  Not so.  Even the Mighty Oak is vulnerable. 

Sometimes minor storms break off a weak twig here or there, but ever once in a while a major storm comes against it and causes a severe fracture.  Some limbs are completely severed from the family tree, never to be a part of it again.  It leaves not only an empty spot, but damages the beauty of the tree, leaving an ugly scar.  But not all major fractures have to be the end of the story.   Notice this major break is propping itself up, on its elbow, so to say, and is still hanging on.  It’s not dead yet.  Notice the new growth and sprouts of green leaves as it continues to heal.

How was this possible?  A closer look reveals the answer.    Notice the rest of the family tree sent a strong supply line of nutrients to the member that was hurting the most, and those nutrients have brought healing.  It takes a sacrificial, unselfish attitude on behalf of the rest of the tree to send the healing supply to the needy member.

Fortunately, this tree is not alone in the battle against the elements.    It has others standing nearby to shelter it from the continual onslaught of the wind and elements.  Their position near the fractured tree provides a critical shelter and encouragement while healing takes place.  They fight the storms together, instead of alone.

Behold the Mighty Oak that DIDN’T have the shelter of other Oak trees.    It couldn’t face the storms of life alone.  It shriveled up and died, leaving only an ugly frame of the beauty it once displayed.  But notice something else…something very important…even it’s own children are stunted in their growth.  They no longer have the image of what they are to grow up to be.  One has to wonder if they will even make it.

The lesson of the Parable of the Mighty Oak is that a nurturing community can save a fracture from being permanent, so that the healing can keep a fracture from being fatal. 


Behold the Parable of the Mighty Oak.

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