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Sometimes Love Says No

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     For our communion I’d like to share some prose I wrote.  In just a moment we are going to take communion together, family style.  The men will pass out the emblems - if you would like to celebrate Christ’s love for you, hold on to them and we will take them together in just a moment.

How can words express the gratitude I owe you Lord?

Words can’t tell all the things You have done for me.

You have loved me with an unusual love.

No one else sought me out when I was their enemy,

Just to tell me they loved me.

No one else walked the dark allies to find me,

When I was no more than a stranger.

No one else built a room for me in their mansion,

When I was but an alien.

No one but You.

I said, “Yes” to Your great love,

But I found that sometimes Your love says, “No.”

When I want to walk away in shame because of my sin,

Your love says, “No…I won’t let you walk away.”

When I am tempted to go the wrong way,

Your love says, “No” and You pull me back to Your side.

When my anger has wounded and separated me from others,

Your love says, “No…that’s not the last word in the matter,

The last words I uttered from a cross,

Put to an end all the separation sin has ever caused.”

Jesus…how great is Your love toward us.

I’m glad Your love sometimes says, “No.”

(Prayer – take emblems together.)

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