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It Was a Night Like No Other Night

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Ralph Sorter

     It was a night like no other night __ not in all creation was there a night like this holy night __ the night of our dear Savior’s birth.  But this night the hustle and bustle was so intense that the innkeeper dismissed this young pregnant couple to the only space available in town __ a stall in the barn with some musty hay.

     Had he realized that this baby born King and Messiah was gracing their town, perhaps he would have called the Mayor or offered his own bed.  But the town was overcrowded __ unprepared for an event of this magnitude __ a mandated registration for a tax under Roman occupation.  Business couldn’t be better, but the overcrowding caused him to overlook the guest that deserved the red carpet treatment above all others.

     It was a night like no other night in the hills surrounding Bethlehem.  Lowly shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night were suddenly awakened as a brilliant choir of angels announced the Savior’s birth.  What a wonder!  Had He been born in a palace, those keepers of gentle animals would have been excluded from welcoming the King of Kings as the Lamb of God.  But because of His humble birthplace, they felt totally at home.

     The visits of royalty would soon come __ but not from local governors and magistrates __ but from magi from afar who came to honor Him with gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Unaffected by the hustle and bustle, they noticed the special change in the stars and heeded the beckon to welcome the birth of the Creator of the stars.

     But the glow of this special night would soon fade __ the local governor felt threatened by a baby born a King.  The tender voices and laughter of young children was soon silenced by shrieks of grief as Herod ordered the death of all first born males under the age of two.  Now Bethlehem had another reason to mark the coming of this Child-King.  But in the place of a joyous birthday, there were annual tears from mothers who lost their son in a horrible slaughter.

     It is a night like no other night for ME __ for seated before me are those who champion the defenseless and innocent.  You are those who sacrifice your time to save those who may someday be presidents, doctors, carpenters, and receptionists.  You are wiser than the magi __ you are more honored than the shepherds __ for there is no traveling star or angelic choruses that bid you to do your work…..only the tug on your heart of a baby’s voice to continue to pierce the night __ and not silenced by those who don’t revere the value of a precious life.  I am honored to be in your presence __ and you are highly honored by the One who breathes life into each child.  You, above all others, realize that these tender little ones need a champion (militant defender) or their cries will be silenced with no celebration or birthday party.  I pray the King of Kings will continue to shine down upon you, bless you indeed, and grant you His peace.

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