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An Old Old Rugged Cross

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     It’s an old, old rugged cross, but it holds a lot of memories for me.  Down through the ages men keep building crosses so that we don’t forget.  I built this one so I wouldn’t forget.

     You see, someone very dear to my heart died on an old cross.  Soldiers took old, rusty spikes and drove them through His wrists and feet…and left Him there to die…so that I could go free! 

     His blood flowed out of Him…so that His life could flow into me.

     They put an epitaph up there to mock Him…but I don’t care…He IS my King!

     Back in those days many people were crucified on crosses…but only one of them lifted up the Son of God!

     For many it was a cross of shame, because the courts deemed them unfit for society.  But this old cross doesn’t carry any shame for me…I’m proud to call Jesus my Savior.

     Yep, they keep building old crosses to that we don’t forget.

     Jesus took a cup of wine and some unleavened bread and told every disciple who believed in Him thereafter…don’t forget Me! Don’t forget what I did so that you could come up here where I am!


     I’ll never forget!

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