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What Goes Through You Sticks to You

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Text:  John 6:43-44

Someone on TV made a commentary on the changes in our country over the last generation.  He said, “We’ve gone from ‘Leave it to Beaver’ to ‘Bevus and Buthead.’”  I thought that was pretty accurate.

When I shared that with someone at work, he too said something profound: “What goes through ya, sticks to ya.”

That statement explains the other.  Whether you are listening to “Leave it to Beaver” or the other offensive TV program, whatever you choose to funnel through you, is going to stick to you!  You know it’s true.  Look around you at this generation and you will see we’ve gone from home spun, to spun out of control!

But the Holy Spirit would say, “Don’t look around…look within!”  What do you see sticking to your spiritual ribs?  What’s clogging your spiritual arteries?

Sin going through the heart, is not sin going out, doing no damage along the way.  Sin sticks to ya!  It may be subtle, unobservable at first, but it always weakens and destroys!  The end result is always death!

Isn’t it time you fed your soul something that won’t destroy it?  If sin has damaged your heart, I have a spiritual prescription for you.  Read Text.

This symbolic bread and wine won’t unclog your spiritual arteriesbut the Man whom they memorialize can!  Ask Him to cleanse your temple.  And as you eat and drink, remember:  What goes through ya, sticks to ya!

I invite you to drink of Him fully.  Let His cleansing power fill you up and do it’s mighty work in you.

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