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Unworthy Wood

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Text:  Ephesians 2:8

            There is a story of three trees growing up together in the forest, dreaming of what their lives would be.  One tree wanted to be the world’s most beautiful palace.  The second wanted to be a great sailing vessel.  And the third just wanted to be the tallest tree in the world.

            The day the tree cutter came and fell the first tree was an exciting day, but his hopes vanished when he was used to make a feeding trough for animals in a barn.  No beautiful palace would he be.

            Hopes were up when the second tree was taken to the ship yard, but not a great sailing vessel would he be.  He was made into a small fishing boat, and his hopes were gone.

            The third tree cried when they cut him down.  His timbers were thrown into a back room in a garrison.  He only wanted to be the tallest tree in the world.

            Then the day came when the feeding trough became a manger-bed for a baby king.  His unworthy wood became the palace of the King of Kings!

            The second tree who was a humble fishing vessel was one day summoned to be the pulpit of the Master when crowds pressed Him to the shoreline.  That day his cargo was to carry the world’s most precious cargo only a few feet off shore.  What an honor for an unworthy boat!

            And the third tree, who wanted to be the tallest tree in the world, screamed as the soldiers of the garrison crossed his members and made a cross upon which to crucify the Son of God.  But now, when men see the form of a cross, it causes them to look heavenward.  It’s then he has the honor of being the tallest tree in the world!


            Unworthy wood, became a worthy bed, a worthy pulpit, and a worthy cross.  When something unworthy is honored by being used for something that is worthy, it has been graced!  And what is grace?  An unmerited favor.    Read Text.

            Unworthy as you and I are, we have received grace.  And by that grace we are made a son and daughter of the Most High.  It’s an honor to be a child of the King!

            Jesus came to die for unworthy sinners.  We are here to remember the price paid to make the Father’s love and grace possible.

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