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This is the Season of Reasons

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Text:  John 10:10-11

            This is the season of reasons!  Truly Jesus is the reason for the season, but if you turn around the words, you find more than the meaning of Christmas.  Jesus has a lot more to offer than just a pause at the end of another year to be cordial to one another and shower loved ones with gifts.  Let me show you what I mean.

            The reason for His birth is so that I might have life.  Without Him I have no hope.  Without His birth I have just one life to live, but two deaths to look forward to.  With his life, I live twice and die only once.

            The reason for His life is to give me purpose.  Life is so hectic and has a way of discouraging you if you don’t have a purpose that keeps your focus in a positive direction.  Without His life to point my way, life can be discouraging.

            The reason for His death is so that the sting is taken out of my own death.  Yes, I have sinned.  Yes, I too shall die, just like you will.  But because I know Jesus, the fear and sting of death is gone.  It’s the second death that really scares me, but I have a promise from Him to bypass that one!

            The reason for His resurrection is to insure mine.  When this worn-out body is laid to rest, it will go to the grave listening…it will be listening for the voice of Him who will call the dead in Christ to be gathered for a wedding feast.  And when I show up at the banquet, this soul will be wearing a new suit!

            This is the season of reasons.  This world is almost two centuries past His birth…we’re still celebrating it in a big way.  But if you think His first coming was a big event…you just hang around and watch His SECOND COMING!  It’s going to be an event that will blow your socks off!

            And if you didn’t claim to know Him the first time…when He comes the second time, you’re going to be searching real hard for a REASON why…because He’s going to ask you why!

            This remembrance meal is a celebration of those who believe in Him, and know the reasons why God became a baby…to live and die so that we might have more than what everyday life has to offer.   Read Text.

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