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Not Intended For Nails

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Text:  John 20:24-28

            Nails are a versatile tool.  Have you ever thought of how many things are held together with nails?  They hold boards together.  This little rod of steel is what literally holds your house together.  They hang pictures on the wall.  They hold up curtains.  They stretch tent ropes to the ground.  They hang swings from trees.  The tack ribbons to trees.  They stretch banners between posts.  They post notices to doors.  Hard nails will even secure boards to concrete.

            This small sliver of steel isn’t a glorious tool.  It’s not coveted by woodworkers in magazines and catalogs.  It costs practically nothing.  They are dropped and thrown away by the pounds at construction sites.  Yet think where we would be if we didn’t have nails.  (Pause)

            But the most grotesque misuse of nails was when in history they were used to pin the Son of God to a cross!  This simple piece of steel spilt blood from the only one in history who was both man and God!

            Never has there been such a gross misuse of something intended for something else.  Nails were not meant to hold human flesh to a cross!

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            Let me switch your attention here.  It wasn’t nails that held Jesus to the cross.  It was His will that held Him there!  A nail-hard-determined-will to do what was the greatest sacrifice any man could give to another…to lay down His life for those who didn’t even know Him yet…to die in their place!

            His love for you and me was harder than nails!

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