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If You Only Knew The Cost

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Text:  Matthew 27:45-50

            I think if we could fully comprehend the cost of what God the Father went through, there wouldn’t be an ungrateful heart in this room as we break bread.

            It’s hard to comprehend the cost for those of us who have heard the story of the cross over and over.  Perhaps a different story with similar circumstances would help us rediscover the significance of this moment we are about to share together.  This, too, is a true story.

            As I remember the story, it seems years ago there was a man who operated a draw bridge on the Potomac River near New York City.  The draw bridge serviced not only busy traffic, but a commuter train, as well as allowing great ships to pass along the Potomac.  The commuter train passed his operating booth with passengers often waving to his familiar face.  Behind and below him were the massive gears that raised and lowered the draw bridge.

            One day, after constant pleading, he brought his young son to work with him.  He was proud to show him how Daddy had the tremendous responsibility of raising and lowering the bridge.  The boy waited at Daddy’s side all day, but no ships passed.  It was near the end of the day, with heavy traffic, when the boy heard the deep horn of an approaching ship.  With much excitement the boy watched as Daddy set in motion the stopping of traffic and the raising of the bridge.  With eyes of wonder, he watched through the observation hole the massive gears as they slowly turned.  In the distance Dad heard the horn of an approaching train.  He knew it would be close, so he concentrated on seeing that the bridge lowered and locked in place in time for the passing train.

            Then there was a scream that no father would mistake.  It was the scream of his son crying, “Daddy, save me!”  He had fallen down among the massive gears.  He couldn’t bear the sight, so he turned his back as the gears crushed his son.  As the train passed, he watched the faces of those that got to live at the price of his own son.  They never knew the cost of their safety.

            Can you identify with that father?  If you can, perhaps you can identify with another Father, and the cry from His dying Son who knew Dad could save Him.  Read Text.

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