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I Have a Hard Time Remembering

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Text:  Matthew 26:26-29

            I have a hard time remembering things.  Do you?  It frustrates me when I write things to remember in my Day-Timer and then forget to look at it that day and the event goes by.  Has that happened to you?

            The human mind is awesome, but lots of things can clutter it, even scramble it.  Important things that need to be remembered need to be brought up often.

            Then there are those who have had something happen in their life and they don’t want it forgotten.  They build a memorial, make a plaque, tie yellow ribbons around trees, hold annual reunions, etc…all because they don’t want it forgotten.

            Jesus knew how easily we forget things, yet He didn’t want a marble stone marking the spot of His death and resurrection.  He wanted a living memorial that breathed life into those who remember His sacrifice.  He wanted a frequent event so that what happened at Calvary wouldn’t slip past us unremembered.

            Read Text.

            That memorial is a family meal.  The Head of the House is absent, and that’s what He wants remembered…what happened to Him that causes Him to be absent at this meal.

            What a wonderful way t remember…a MEAL that reminds us of His sacrifice!


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