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He Found Me at My Most Desperate Moment

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Text:  Romans 5:6, 8, 10

            Welcome to the Table of the Lord.  Welcome to English 1010.  Students, today we are going to learn what a conjunction is.  It is a part of speech that connects words and phrases.  I’m going to read you three verses from Romans 5 and I want you to tell me what the conjunction word is that is common to all three verses. 

            Read Text.    Did you recognize the conjunction?  It’s the word “while.”

            So what’s the big deal about the word “while?”  It’s a BIG DEAL!

            This is what it means in the context of these three verses:  At the precise moment you were still helpless, a sinner, and an enemy of God, Christ sought you out and DIED FOR YOU!!

            The death of Jesus on the cross that cleanses you from your sin coincides with your worst possible condition…at the moment when you were powerless to do anything about it…at the moment you weren’t even thinking of Him, but rebelliously indulging in sin…He sought you out and died for you!!

            It was in that moment that God demonstrated how much you are worth to Him!  For it was there on the cross that Jesus dealt with your guilt, shame, and sin!

            I don’t know about you, but I have something to say to God about finding me at my most desperate moment.  I have an idea you do too.  So I’m not going to pray for all of us.  I’m going to let you talk to Him personally.  Peace be with you!

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