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Pentecost 2005

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If you could only come to Church 5 days in the Christian year, which 5 should you come on?

5 most important days in the C of E Year:

Christmas Day

Good Friday

Easter Day

Ascension Day

TODAY: Pentecost

Why so important?: All days when we celebrate something decisive that GOD DID IN THE WORLD.

His Mission

Redeem / Do away with evil / Reconcile


So what about Pentecost?

God came to earth as Jesus to defeat evil. Decisively on the cross + in resurrection.

Worked out in the world.

BUT after his resurrection he ascended

left the Q– how is God going to finish his work?

Day of Pentecost answer to that question.

HSp foundational to rest of Acts.

W/o Day of Pent none of the rest…happened

So what does Luke want us to understand?

Doesn’t focus on what I want to focus on.

When I read the story…experience of disciples.

Luke zips through a whole list of ‘WOW’ experiences. v2-4

wind, fire, filling, languages

“Hold on a minute Luke!”

“How did it feel to be there – was it as amazing as it sounds?”

Luke’s not interested in that.

4 vv on experience / 43 v on what happened next.


Whole book of Acts has that focus:

1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth

2:17: ‘all flesh’.

people groups represented.

2:39 “For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him”

Day of Pentecost for people who weren’t there

HSp not just personal …given for mission

So how is God going to continue his mission? And where does it leave us?



God’s going to do it. Let’s make sure we get good seats to watch.

Danger of putting life on hold


Jesus has gone up to heaven, but he told us what he wanted doing. Let’s make sure we do out best to continue his legacy.

‘He has no hands but our hands’


God is continuing his mission in the world and is doing it through us.


Where is he at work already?

Where does he want me?

How does he want me to join in with his mission?


Something decisive God did!

Crowd gathered because of sound and miracle.

But Peter didn’t leave it there. He got up and spoke.

Prophecy: Thinking God’s thoughts and speaking God’s words.

Getting involved with God’s mission

!! Conclusion: Today

Live in the light of those 5 days

What is God’s mission today?

Overthrowing evil, reconciling world.

Evangelism / Social Action

Holy Spirit wants to work in each of us.

To share the hope and joy / to challenge and overturn injustice.

Where is he at work already?

someone at work / church / heart

How does he want me to join in with his mission?

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