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Lent Group Mission Talk

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Lent Group Talk Acts 16: Philippi


“PCC as an agent of mission”

Church having to rediscover call to be missionary

Early days of the church “all much easier then”

Wonder how the disciples did feel? Ascension. Jesus gone – it’s over to you.

Like being without a vicar…

Sink or Swim?

Swam – Acts.

Honest about the difficulties faced: persecution, division.

Church rediscovering what being missionary is  turn to book of acts.

Philippi Paul’s second missionary journey

Strengthening churches he’d been to already.

Holiday destination!

North Greece.

Rich leading market town.

Roman colony.


Jesus gone and get on with it.

When Paul Silas, Timothy turned up looked a bit unpromising.

  • no contacts
  • no synagogue
  • nothing to build on
  • end up getting arrested.

Can look a bit unpromising for us

  • Small numbers of people in church
  • Can’t assume people know even basics of Christian message. (survey)

But called to this place


God calls us to Cheadle and Cheadle Heath (Anglican system).

And if God calls us somewhere then he is already at work. v14

God is at work out there

God is opening people’s hearts

Coming back from Durham

working on train J

  • Lady 50s; late, busy.

asked where I’d been (interview).

why I wanted to do that.

wasn’t expecting at all: verse from poster

  • Arsenal fans. Valentine’s/ Football. Millionaire.


2 things to learn

  • God is at work already
  • Mark: On the same level. – easier for you!

Arrival in Philippi Look at v13-v15

* wandered round

  • found where they thought there might be a place of prayer. unsure – give it a go!
  • met on Sabbath with small group –same level
  • Lydia – maybe not straight away

2 dangers with sharing our faith


  • Ignore what God’s doing.
  • Think our job isn’t important.

Working alongside God. Fellow workers (sun morning)

Paul sought out who was going to be receptive.

Jesus’ advice

Luke 9

Sometimes we don’t work with God.

Caveat – we have to find out whether people want to hear.

! People who were receptive: Lydia and Jailer

Totally different walks of life.

God works in all kinds of people

BUT one similarity

what is that?

After they had been converted,

immediately told families and friends.

AND they believed too v34

!! One brings two

Power of family and friend connections.

2 people converted because of Paul.

20 people converted because of their friends.

Some of the people who have helped us become Christians





God uses ordinary people – on the same level.

God uses our contacts.

List them - fortnight

asterix those who you’ve spoken to

cross out

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