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Candlemass 2002

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Candlemass sermon. Luke 2:22-40

!! Introduction

What are you looking forward to most at the moment?

6 nations


A break: Holiday – chance to get away from everything, relax

But life-changing things?

Marriage – everything centred around it. Preparation. Everything changes.



Significance for wider group of people: family and friends

Family occasion

Candlemass: remembers such an occasion Mary and Joseph. 40 days.

Strange- not completely family occasion.

Simeon and Anna.

What were they doing there? Me at funeral.

But Simeon and Anna are caught up in the story. Speech.

And they had been looking forward to it. v29

Simeon takes baby in his arms – praises God.

And what’s more they see everyone as being caught up in this.

Simeon “a light for all nations” (v32)

What God was doing in Jesus was so amazing that it had radical consequences for everyone: falling and standing (v34).

The way that people respond to J is the most important thing.

[Luke: setting out in opening chapters his message.

This passage, everything focuses on Jesus- even though it’s really about Mary’s purification.

Child does nothing but all words and deeds focussed round him]

Message for outside:

Answer to hopelessness, unfairness, selfish, suffering.

But also a message we need to be reminded of- Mary and Joseph “surprised” v33

!! Discerning God’s work and plan

I started by asking what we were looking forward to. Simeon and Anna looking forward expectantly.

Pious people. But Holy Spirit in their lives. Looking ahead.

Last Sunday – moving on

What does God want this church to do?

Starts with what seems like a small thing.

What do I want for the future? Walk more closely with God.

!!! Conclusion



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