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Wedding Message of Robin And Gary

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Today we celebrate God’s answer as to whom would-be your help mate for the rest of your lives. Throughout your courtship, both of you diligently were seeking God’s will for your lives. You both sought for someone who would love God above all else. This was the greatest concern, before you let a person into your heart.

For those of us who have been married before, the thought of opening our hearts again to the possibility of experiencing great love, brings with it the possibility of once again experiencing great pain.  For you, the result was that you became very diligent in not only searching the other person’s heart, but also searching your own.  You invited the Lord to search your heart to learn what you needed to learn from the past, so that you may apply those new insights to the present.  I commend you both in having done a wonderful, through work.

I.  The Most Exciting Time

All of us want our wedding day to be one of the most exciting days of our lives.  Your excitement today is not the result of just wishful thinking, but is the result of having been obedient to your God. 

This exciting day reminds me of the day that Mary received Christ.  She received Christ in a unique way that would never be repeated.  She took part in something so unbelievable, so unimaginable. All the history she learned as a child about the incredible prophecies of the Messiah who was to come, would come into the world through her. She was going to be part of something that would change the course of history. 

II.                 A scary time.

It was also a scary time for Mary: what would Joseph do?  She might have pondered, “This is not how our marriage should start!  What kind of an engagement is this, that it’s exciting, and yet going to be so demanding?”   I know you, Robin and Gary, have felt that about your own engagement, not always so smooth, and according to the plan.

III.               A trusting time.

When Christ came into the life of Mary and Joseph and when Christ came into your relationship it beckons us to trust him.  It changes your perspective about your lives together.  From this moment on, it changes the way to deal with the chaos that you experience in life.  When life is chaotic and fear comes in, so many of us do what the first part of Matthew 10 verse 39 says, we seek to gain life.

What Matthew 10, verse 39 is stating, is that when we become afraid we compensate by controlling.  If we are afraid that a situation is getting out of hand we try to manage the situation.  When we become afraid of failing, we try to control the outcome.  For some of us, that means that when problems occur, we don’t talk, we don’t let our anger out.  We don’t want to lose what we have, the result being we lose life.

So when life is perplexing, what will you do?

 I hope you trust Him.  Submit to the truth of who He is.  To trust the Lord who is on his throne.  The one who rules this world, is the one upon whom you call.

 Remember to call upon Him, because he is the glue of your marriage.  Call upon Him, because as a scripture so clearly states, “You receive not, because you do not ask.” 

Look for him, especially when life does not make sense.  According to Phillipians one verse six. “He is the god who is at work in you and the work he began in you,  He will bring to completion.”  He is at work every moment of the day, in every situation.  Remember to look for him.

When you lose your life for his sake, when you trust the Christ that is in you, you’ll find a confidence and a joy, that is unbelievable.  Like Mary and Joseph, you’ll experience an incredible reward that comes from walking in the peace of Christ.  Nothing will be impossible.  Just as it was with Mary, be part of the Divine Jesus taking on real flesh and blood.  Let Christ be real in your marriage.

 I challenge you both to continue to live for Christ.  Let your love for Jesus be first.  For his love will transform your love.  His love is constant.  Let that love in the basis of your faithfulness to each other. What an incredible gift to have Jesus living in and through you.

Christ being at the heart of your marriage may really look ridiculous to the world, but it is often the ridiculous, that is later seen as the most miraculous.

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