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Luke 1:1-4

Introduction:  Luke wrote his gospel to a man named Theophilus (friend or lover of God).  We know nothing about him.  “most excellent,” is an honorific title. It may be used loosely and imply no more than that Theophilus was socially respected and probably well to-do, or it may indicate some kind of official status.[1]  The name became popular among Christians by the 3rd century.  We don’t know whether or not he was a Christian or just learning about Jesus.  Certainly we all should be “God-lovers.”   

I. Many have told the story of Jesus   vs. 1

     A. These were probably uninspired men and women who were eyewitnesses to some part of Jesus’ life

     B. Probably included Mark and possibly Matthew

     C. Because the early church did not consider most of them to be inspired, they were not passed down through history

     D. These would not include the later gospels, second century and later

II. Eyewitnesses    vs. 2

     A. Luke was not an eyewitness

1. Paul was the last eyewitness

2. Apparently, Luke was a convert of Paul

     B. Our faith came from eyewitnesses

     C. Servants of the word

          1. ὑπηρέτης:  a person who renders service; servant.

          2. Probably a reference to the apostle


III. Carefully investigated     vs. 3  

     A. παρακολουθέω: to make an extensive effort to learn the details and truth about something; to trace, to investigate carefully, to diligently check out.

     B. ἀκριβῶς: pertaining to strict conformity to a norm or standard, involving both detail and completeness; accurate, accurately, strict, strictly.

     C. καθεξῆς:  in order, one after the other; of sequence in time, space, or logic; used by Luke only

IV. Certainty   vs. 4    

     A. Know the truth

          1. ἐπιγινώσκω: to come to an understanding as the result of ability to experience and learn; to come to understand, to perceive, to comprehend..

          2. ἀσφάλεια: a state of certainty with regard to a belief; certainty, being without doubt

     B. 1 John 5:13

     C. John 20:30-31

Conclusion:  We are going to be talking about Jesus for a long time in this series.  It should strengthen our faith!!


[1]Nolland, J. (2002). Vol. 35A: Word Biblical Commentary : Luke 1:1-9:20. Word Biblical Commentary (10). Dallas: Word, Incorporated.

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