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The Lord Establishes His Work

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Psalm 90


            Moses was approaching the latter years of his life when he recorded these words.  He says that we are often far advanced in years before we realize the importance of making every moment count.  Just when we learn what to do and how to do it our bodies begin losing their strength, our minds begin to wander, and then we die.

            Our modern lives are so full:  artificial lighting has lengthened our days, machinery has increased our output, and technology allows us to see and hear what is going on around the world.  We love our conveniences and laud our accomplishments, but when all is said and done we must conclude that our conveniences have often taken us farther from God.

            Moses’ prayer was that God would teach us wisdom so that our works might have everlasting value.  Today’s philosophy is to live for the moment for tomorrow may never come.  This way of thinking forgets that there is a resurrection and a judgment to come!  Because I know there will be an accounting, I must be concerned with making the most of every day. 

            How can we be certain that our lives will have been significant?  By pausing every day to ask God what works are worthy and which are not - by placing our hope in what God has done in Christ and through us.  That is, by asking God to establish our works.


I.                    What Works Can We Ask God To Establish?


A.    He will not establish a selfish work

1.      One bringing you more honor than Him

2.      God will not be a junior partner

B.     God will not establish works that rival His Son’s

1.      False religions, no matter how humanitarian

2.      God will not build on a false foundation

C.    He will establish works that bring Him glory

1.      Evangelism

2.      Church planting and growing

3.      False religions may thrive but their works will not last.  Like weeds they grow fast and yield no fruit


II.                 Asking God’s Establishment Is No Small Request


A.    Doing so may require us to move aside

1.      We may unconsciously be delaying or hindering the work

-Through outworn ideas or stubbornly trying to do work for which we have no talent.  Bricklayers do not always make the best plumbers, carpenters, or electricians.

2.      Every generation must make room for the next

B.     God’s will may require great patience

1.      Thus far His plan has encompassed 8,000 yrs.

2.      We may not live to see prayer’s results

3.      Though we die with the work undone we will be rewarded for our effort


Five hundred years ago people were put to death for believing as we do today.  In spite of hardships, they refused to renounce their faith and now Baptist people are among the most prolific fundamentalists.  Who can say what great works the world may see done by your acceptance of God’s plan for your life this day.

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