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Restoration Movements Ezekiel 37-48

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Ezekiel 37-48

Introduction:  We are continuing our study of Restoration Movements.  This study comes from Ezekiel 37-48.  It is not an actual restoration movement, but a prophecy of one.  It is full of symbolism and a fun section to read if you don’t take it too literally.

I. Valley of Dry Bones     37

     A. Ezekiel visits the dry bones   vs. 1–2

     B. He receives the prophecy he is to proclaim to the bones     vs. 3–6

     C. He preaches and the bones are resurrected      vs. 7–10

     D. God explains how this symbolizes Israel’s revival     vs. 11–14

II. Prophecy Against Gog   38-39

     A. Meshech and Tubal were two nations in Cappadocia, in the northeast sector of Asia Minor. They were characterized in 32:26 as a bygone power in the world, along with Assyria and Elam. … Here they are regarded as resurgent, an old menace come back to haunt their southern neighbors. Until they were destroyed by the Cimmerians, they were a threat to the Assyrians in the reign of Sargon toward the end of the eighth century, and probably this memory, current in Babylonia, had reached the Jewish exiles. Here they are under the authority of “Gog,” who has been given preeminent power over his fellow leaders. The name seems to relate to one known to the Greeks as Gyges and to the Assyrians as Gugu, who was a powerful king of Lydia in west Asia Minor in the first half of the seventh century. As with the national names, so here a great figure of the past is evidently used to define a future threat, as we might speak fearfully of a new Hitler. [1]

     B. God fights against Gog    vs. 21-23

     C. David will be their King    37:24-25

          1. Could refer to David’s descendent during the time of Ezra

          2. Jesus

III. The New Temple      40-48

     A. Bigger and fancier than Solomon’s

     B. God’s glory fills the temple     43

     C. The East gate was to remain shut because the Lord entered through it.

     D. The name of the city from that time on will be: the Lord is there.     48:35

IV. Lessons from these symbols of restoration

     A. It was started by a prophet

     B. Behind the restoration was God’s word

     C. It doesn’t matter how dead God’s people get, He can bring us back to life

     D. God’s people will always have enemies

     E. God will not let us be defeated; we may give up, but He will not

     F. We are God’s temple today and the LORD lives in us

Conclusion:  We really need restoration in this church.  I hope some of the money being raised will help us become what God wants us to be.  In Ezekiel 36:26 God said, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”  I understand that promise was for Israel, but I’m praying will do!


[1]Allen, L. C. (2002). Vol. 29: Word Biblical Commentary : Ezekiel 20-48. Word Biblical Commentary. Dallas: Word, Incorporated.

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