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The Good and Perfect Gift

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Proposition: There is a gift that is of the utmost importance. This gift makes other gifts enjoyable, and without it no other gift is sensible. We must learn to desire this good and perfect gift.

Introduction: This is the time of year when many gifts will be given. We parents will try our best to give gifts to our children. We will try to give the best gift that we can give to our co-workers and friends. Gifts will be exchanged between spouses and those who are dating. Gifts will be given in every state of our country.

Why are these gifts given? Some may give because of a sense of obligation, while others want to spread good cheer to those who receive the gifts.

Transition: we all feel that this should be the 'most joyous time of the year'. 

I. Joy, Trials, and Patience

    • Joy – we need to understand the true meaning of joy. There is a sense of suffering along side of this joy. The joy is not because of suffering, but in spite of suffering. This joy is not dependant on situations of life.
    • Trials – we need to learn to put trials in proper perspective. The existence of problems is not evidence of God’s departure.
    • Patience – we need to learn to endure our various trials.

II. The Gift (we are saved by grace… it is the gift of God)

    • Bad gifts are not from God – God doesn’t give bad gifts. When we encounter bad situations, it is not because of God. God must allow the good and bad, if man is to have free will. If we desire things that are wrong, then don’t blame God when for getting them.
    • Good & Perfect gift (Salvation) – there are four words we need to look at to understand what is said here.
      1. Good:  Only God is good. There is nothing in our flesh that is good in the sense of God’s goodness.
      2. Gift (first mention): the process of giving the gift is represented by this word. A good God has a good way to give gifts. He gave his only begotten Son by way of the cross.
      3. Perfect: complete. When Jesus had ‘completed’ His work on the cross He declared “it is finished!”
      4. Gift (second mention): This word deals with the gift it self. The gift is complete. We need not add anything to nor take anything from the perfect gift that God has given.
    • Will of God – God desires what is best for us. Because God so loved the world…

(did not preach from this point due to time)

III. Our Response

    • Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath – we should hear what is said. So many arguments would be avoided if each party would hear what is said. There is much shouting. Let’s try to understand what is going on before we start spreading rumors and get bent out of shape for some misunderstanding.
    • Lay aside the bad things – the things that hinder us need to be let go. We know what’s not good for us. We hold on these bad things because we are comfortable with the familiar. Trust God. Let the filthy things go, and believe that what God has for you is good for you.
    • Be doers of the word not just hearer only – we should hear the word of God, but we need not be hearer only. At some point there needs to be action for what you learn in the word of God. James gives a perfect analogy. If you hear the word of God and do not do the word of God, then you’re like the man who looked in the mirror. He looked in the mirror to see if his face was clean. He saw all kinds of dirt on his face, but he walked away and thought to himself that his face was fine. Why bother looking in the mirror if you don’t plan on acting on the information gained by looking in said mirror. Yes, hear the word of God, but don’t walk away like you have seen nothing. You can do what’s right.

(Resumed sermon from this point)


Transition: if you truly have believed the word of God then you should believe that God will not leave or forsaken us.

Conclusion: God is there all the time.

    • During good and bad times
    • In times of sickness and in times of health
    • Have perspective of what’s important {story of the three boys who wanted a job to buy things as told by Canton Spirituals (He’s There All the Time – Live in Memphis – Harvey Watkins, Jr.)}
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