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The Gift of Wonderment

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            I can’t imagine the adjustment it must have taken when Mary was told she would be with child of the Holy Ghost, and that child would be the Son of God.  The Scripture says that she treasured all these things in her heart.  No doubt.  How could she have forgotten such a thing?  How could she have grasped such a thing?

            It seems that ever since that first Christmas, bringing gifts to the child born a King is the appropriate thing to do at this time of the year.  The wise men started this huge tradition. 

            But the child is no longer in the manger.  The child is no longer before us so that we can present Him a gift.  Yet I want to.  We all want to.  So what gift can we bring Him now, who is a King seated on the throne in Heaven?  What gift can we bring that He doesn’t already own?  What REAL gift can we bring that He can actually receive this night?  I propose we give Him the gift of WONDERMENT!

            Wonder is an emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring.

            For you, the gift of wonderment might be from something different, but for me, this Christmas I am captured by the thought that the child Mary carried in her womb was Holy.  This baby was more than innocent…He was pure…He was sent directly from Heaven…and He certainly evokes adoration, reverence, veneration and awe in my heart

            This Holy baby, born a King, is one I want to embrace…but yet I’m frightened beyond belief of Him…because this Child is GOD!  Do I dare touch Him?!  Do I dare approach Him to kiss His feet?!  This King who is filled with such purity has potentially fatal power at His disposal!! 

            Because of who He is, I fall to my knees in worship and adoration…not because of He forces me to…but because my heart wants to because He is HOLY.

            Will you worship Him with me?  Will you give Him the gift of wonderment?!

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