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Word Study on Mountains

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Ralph Sorter

Ps. 121:1-8  I will lift up my eyes to the mountains from whence my help comes.

Gen. 8  The ark rested on Mt. Ararat at the end of the flood; the first sacrifice took place there.

Gen. 22  Abraham’s test of faith of offering Isaac was on a mountain.

Ex. 19:18-19  God descended upon Mt. Sinai in fire, smoke, thunder, and an earthquake.

1 Ki. 18  Elijah proves God is greater than Baal on Mt. Carmel.

1 Ki. 19  After Elijah fled from Jezebel, he met God and had a vison of his future task on Mt. Horeb.

Josh. 8:30  Joshua built an altar to God for worship on Mt. Ebal.

Ex. 3 & 4  God called Moses into service on Mt. Horeb to be a deliverer.

Ex. 19:20  God called Moses to the top of Mt. Sinai to give him the Ten Commandments; he stayed 40 days.

Num. 20:23  God spoke to Moses & Aaron on Mt. Hor.

Ex. 17:8-13  Aaron & Hur held up Moses arms on a mountain at Rephidim and their army prevailed.

Deut. 27:12-13  Moses stood on Mt. Gerizim to bless people, and on Mt. Ebal to curse people.

Ex. 33  God showed Moses His glory while on Mt. Sinai.

Deut. 34  Moses got a glimpse of the Promised Land from Mt. Nebo.

Josh. 24  God’s men were buried on mountains: Joshua on Mt. Gaash, Joseph at Shechem, Aaron’s son, Eleazar in the hill country of Ephraim

Num. 20:25  Aron was buried on Mt. Hor, where God had spoken to him.

Judg. 7:2-3  Gideon told Israel that whoever was afraid to go to Mt Gilead and then come back.

Isa. 44:21-23  Because God has wiped out our transgressions, the mountains shout with joy.

2 Sam. 5:7-9  Mt. Zion was the site chosen by David to build the Temple of God and Jerusalem.

Isa. 27:13  On the day of judgment, those scattered will come to the holy mountain at Jerusalem to worship.

Matt. 4:8  One of Jesus’ temptations to prepare Him for ministry was on a mountain.

Matt. 5:1  The world’s most famous sermon of Jesus was on a mountain.

Matt. 14:23  The night before Jesus walked on water, Jesus went up to a mountain to pray by Himself.

Matt. 17:1  Jesus was transfigured with Moses and Elijah on a mountain.

Matt. 24:3  Jesus prophesied the signs of the end times from Mt. Olives.

Matt. 24:16  When the end times begin, those in Judea are to flee to the mountains.

Matt. 26:30  The place Jesus chose to spend His last night on earth was on Mt. Olives; deep prayer and warfare took place there.

Matt. 27:33  Jesus became our redemption on Mt. Calvary – Golgotha.

Matt. 28:16  Jesus’ last words spoken to His disciples and His ascension was from a mountain.

Rev. 16:20  In the last bols of God’s wrath, God causes an earthquake that makes the island mountains slip into the sea.

Isa. 31:4-9

Isa. 8:18

Isa. 40:9-11

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