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The Creator of the Stars

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            Let’s gaze into the stars and see what we can learn about their creator because of their design.

            Meteorites, falling stars, fall to earth at 26 miles per second; that’s 93,600 miles per hour.

            As you look up there, which one do you think is the closest?  There’s no way of telling, is there?  The closes star is 7 light years away.  A light year is the distance light travels in one year at the speed of 186,000 miles per second.  That means in one minute, light travels 11,160,000 miles.  Multiply that times 3,679,200 and you will have how many miles it is to the nearest star.  It’s 41 quad trillion miles!!  And that’s just the nearest star…7 light years!!  Do you want to know how big it is?  Its diameter is slightly larger than the size of the orbit of Mars around the Sun!!

            Now, that nearest star has the average mass of how heavy stars are.  Stars have a tremendous mass.  If you took a quart jar of dirt off of a star and weighed it on earth, it would way 22,000 tons!  That’s about how much a steel destroyer in the Navy weighs…just one quart!  At that rate, you couldn’t even put a quarter made on the surface of the star in your pocket.  It would fall right through your britches!

            Our galaxy is disc shaped, having its greatest diameter about 100,000 light years away from us.  It is 10,000 light years thick.  It contains about 100 billion stars!  Can you count them?  If you could, and not get lost with which one you’ve counted and which one you’ve not…if you were counting at 250 stars per minute (4.2 per second) all 24 hours of the day, it would take you 1,000 years to count all the stars in our galaxy!!

            The nearest galaxy to us outside of our own, is 1.5 million light years away (11.732 x 1023 miles).  It is estimated there are about one trillion galaxies…and we are just scratching the surface of how far we can see into space!!

Ps. 148:1-6                  Jer. 31:35-37              Isa. 40:25-26

Rom. 1:18-20              Rev. 22:16                  Dan 12:1-3

(We are commanded NOT to worship the heavens, but the Creator: 

Deut. 4:19; 17:2-5)

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