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The Awesomeness of God

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            Do you remember the occasion when the awesomeness of God dawned upon you?  That fresh surge of insight and discovery brings with it a whole new level in your relationship with God.

            Let’s put on a new set of glasses.  With those glasses let’s look at the people in the people in the following passages as it we were in their shoes discovering the awesomeness of  God for the first time.

Matt. 14:22-33

- vs. 29 - You may criticize Peter, but he is the only one in history besides the Son of God to walk on water.

- vs. 30 - Your focus will determine whether you sink in your circumstances or walk above them.

- vs. 32-33 - When you see the elements (wind) obeying the One who commands them, worship is the right response.

Mk. 4:35-41

- vs. 40 - Jesus just got through taking away the threat on their life (calming the storm), and He noticed

their countenance changed to timidity.  Why?  How was this related to their faith?

- vs. 41 - When the storm was threatening them, they were afraid.  When Jesus calmed it, they were “very much afraid.”  Why?  (Insight:  It’s far more frightening to face the holiness of God inside your boat than to have a storm outside your boat!)

Mk. 5:1-20

- vs. 7 - Who was really speaking here…the man or the unclean spirit?

- vs. 10 - What gives you the idea that even demons know Jesus has authority over them?

- vs. 15 - What is there about a perfectly sane man in his right mind that frightened the people?

- vs. 17 - Jesus just performed a miracle of mercy and compassion.  Why ask Him to leave the country?  (Insight:  They knew God was in action and they were not willing to face their own sin before Jesus.)

Mk. 5:25-34

- vs. 26 - From this verse, what gives you the idea this woman was desperate?  What about her approach of Jesus tells you the same?

- vs. 30 - What was Jesus sensing in verse 30?  Did He really need to ask who touched Him?  Why did He go ahead and ask?

- vs. 31 - What’s the astonishment of the disciples really about?  (Insight:  Awed by His supernatural insight.)

- vs. 33 - What was the reason for the fear in the woman?  (Insight:  She knew she was in the presence of God.  She had the faith that took a risk.)\


Mk. 6:1-6

- vs. 5 - What was missing in His home town that prevented Him from doing miracles there...what’s missing in us if our needed miracle doesn’t happen?

-  vs. 6 - “unbelief.”  Belief is evidenced by AWE of Him that can do ANYTHING!  Eph. 3:20

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