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Subtle Doors to Satanism

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            Christians need to study the standard, the real thing, so that when the counterfeit comes along, you can recognize it.  Our standard is the Word of God.  The generation responding to God’s call to be the standard, will be the generation that experiences opposition from Satan.  But at the same time, will experience untold blessings of God.

            Satan’s subtle influences are to keep us ignorant of his ways, luring us into playing his games, and no believing in his reality.

1.      Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence.  Self-satisfaction is his lolly pop.

2.      Satanism represents the idea that this life is all there is, so go for it before you die; don’t focus on eternity.

3.      Satanism focuses on hypocritical self-deceit instead of focusing on God.  His mind-control techniques are lies, and not the wisdom of God.

4.      Satanism represents kindness only to those who deserve it, instead of pouring it out on those who don’t deserve it.

5.      Satanism represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek.

6.      Satanism represents psychic vampires to those who are useful to you.  They step on people to get ahead.  They are using government, youth, day cares, officials and other things to accomplish their goals.

            Satanism is more than a philosophy; it’s a ruthless power to pull down, to destroy and to discredit.  He is the ruler of the world that is still in rebellion against God.  He wants to subdue the earth to burn it with him.  Rev. 12:12;  Jn. 16:8-11;  Jn. 12:30-32

            Satan’s time is running out and he knows it, so he’s beefing up his destructive lies.

            We are called to stand in the gap for those who have holes in their spiritual hedges.  We need to spend time on our knees because we are in a real spiritual battle.

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