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Gospel of Matthew

#1 What leadership role is Jesus/God demonstrating in this chapter?

#2 What principle is God teaching me about being a fully devoted follower of Christ?

Chapter 1

1.      Jesus came through a line of men. 
– Joseph obeyed the vision he had from God about taking Mary as his wife; he kept her a virgin until after the birth of Jesus.

2.      God wants godly men to rise up and lead their family.

Chapter 2

1.      God protected Joseph, Mary & Jesus by warning the Magi to go back a different way.  God warned Joseph to go to Egypt to protect them.

2.      God wants men to listen to Him so that He can direct us how to take care of our families.

Chapter 3

1.      Jesus submitted to baptism as an example for us to follow – to fulfill all righteousness.  God confirmed it with a voice from Heaven stating He was pleased with what His Son had done.

2.      A devoted follower of Christ follows His example in baptism.

Chapter 4

1.      Prior to entering His ministry, He went alone into the wilderness to fast and pray.  There He encountered a time of testing & temptation, by which He countered by quoting Scripture that fit the temptation.
– Jesus issued challenges to potential disciples to follow Him and watch His example; in so doing they would become fishers of men.

2.      I need my time alone with God and to know the Word thoroughly.  I need to mentor young men.

Chapter 5

1.      Jesus taught His disciples, but the crowds gathered nearby to listen.  He taught with metaphors, with emphatic statement of truth, by correcting false teaching of the past, He described Kingdom character.

2.      I need to work at improving my teaching skills and make sure my character is patterned after Christ.

Chapter 6

1.      Jesus taught His disciples to be genuine in living out their faith.

2.      May there be no hypocrisy in my life, neither in the eyes of others or the eyes of my Lord.

Chapter 7

1.      Jesus taught His disciples to not focus on the mistakes of others, but our own.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  God knows who is genuine and who belongs in Heaven.

2.      Focus my efforts on measuring up to Jesus, not on how others fall short.

Chapter 8

1.      Because of Jesus powerful teaching, multitudes followed Him. 
– Jesus met people with compassion and healed them at the point of their need.
– Jesus displayed calm assurance in the time of a storm because He knew who watched over Him.
– Jesus has command of the demons.

2.      When I apply the teachings of Jesus to my life, it will be transformed and people will follow as I follow Christ.
– Jesus wants me to deal compassionately with others and meet their needs as I can, or point them to those who can if I cannot.
– I need to be assured and confident that God watches over me too and will not allow anything to happen that isn’t a part of His higher purpose.
– I would be foolish to take on demons, but my Lord has the power and so I need to tap His strength and stand in His might.

Chapter 9

1.      With those who are negative against His ministry, Jesus confronts right away and sets the record straight.
– Jesus chose even the unlikely as His would-be disciples.  He sees potential in them and knows that with training and the work of the Holy Spirit, they will make good disciples.
– Jesus was compassionate toward the needs of those who came to Him for help; but at times He looked beyond their surface problem and dealt with their true need.
– Jesus taught His disciples to look on needy crowds as the potential harvest and taught them to pray for workers to enter the harvest.

2.      I need to pray for a more compassionate heart and pray more for workers to enter the harvest.

Chapter 10

1.      When Jesus called disciples, He gave them authority to carry out the mission He gave them.
– Jesus was specific in his assignments to His disciples; all pointed to His mission and goal.  He told them to be compassionate, and some of the assignments required faith to carry out.
– He warned them of harsh conditions they would encounter, but to have faith and carry on; the Holy Spirit would give them the words to speak.  If they were persecuted, they were to go to the next town and keep witnessing.

2.      I need to ask God to fan aflame the passion in my heart for the mission He has given me.

Chapter 11

1.      After telling the 12 their assignments and sending them out, Jesus went about doing the same thing He told them to do…He preached in their cities.
– Jesus affirmed a frightened, uncertain disciple, John the Baptist.
– Jesus spoke highly of His disciple, John the Baptist, in his absence.  He affirmed him without him being present.

2.      I need to be more intentional in mentoring others that the Lord gives me.

Chapter 12

1.      Jesus defended His disciples in front of their accusers.
– Jesus taught criticizers that people are more important than ritual or traditions.
– Jesus can down on the hardest on those who were so critical as to attribute His miracles to the work of Satan; that sin He would not tolerate EVER!
– Those who would not believe because of what they had seen and heard wanted an additional sign; Jesus would give them their request.
– Jesus said His true family was not those who were blood related, but those who followed Him.

2.      People are #1; not tradition and ritual.

Chapter 13

1.      Jesus prepared His disciples for what kind of reception they could expect from those they would witness to.
– Jesus taught His disciples to not share everything with those on the outside (pearls to swine), but to speak in parables and share the meaning of them only with those truly interested.
– Jesus taught about the various natures of the Kingdom of Heaven.

2.      In need to be attentive to the various “soils” to which God places around me and concentrate my time on those that are good soil.

Chapter 14

1.      Jesus taught/demonstrated that little in the hands of God is much.  He provided for those who were listening, but had no food.
– Jesus took time away from everyone else to pray.

2.      I need to take time to be alone with God and pray.

Chapter 15

1.      Jesus exposed they hypocrisy of others.
– Jesus changed His mind when someone came to Him with a sincere, well-thought-out argument; course of direction does not have to be rigidly adhered to.
– Jesus taught His disciples to delegate tasks.

2.      I need to be flexible in my leadership…sensitive to the needs of others.

Chapter 16

1.      Jesus delegated authority to the Apostles over the church.
– Jesus challenged the disciples to calculate the cost of following Him.

2.      I must be ready for the high cost I may incur by following Jesus all the way.

Chapter 17

1.      Jesus revealed who He was to His disciples but asked them not to speak of it to others until He was gone.
–Even though the disciples could not perform all miracles (casting out a demon), Jesus encouraged them that even the faith the size of a mustard seed could invoke much power from Heaven.
– Jesus frequently prepared His disciples for His soon departure and death; but He also gave them hope by telling them of the resurrection.

2.      I must not be discouraged with what little faith I have; but that God will take it and do much.

Chapter 18

1.      Realizing that Jesus would soon be leaving and wondering who would be taking His place, the disciples ask who would be the likely one (greatest in the Kingdom); Jesus puts them in place by telling them they must become like a child and not worry about who’s going to be greatest.
– He then tells them to deal drastically with your besetting sin rather than it keeping your from entering the Kingdom of Heaven.
– He then tells them that every person in the Kingdom is important and to seek out even one lost member.
–He also taught them about how to deal with a sinning brother in the church (procedure.)
– Coupled with that was His teaching about forgiving a sinning brother.

2.      Deal with sin NOW.  Don’t put it off!

Chapter 19

1.      Jesus paid special attention to children and blessed them.
–When a man came to Jesus and asked Him what he lacked spiritually, Jesus spoke right to the matter and did not beat around the bush.

2.      I should give special attention to children and bless them also.
– Don’t be afraid to speak right to the heart of the issue when people come to me with their problems.

Chapter 20

1.      Jesus handled internal strife immediately (power play); He would not let individuals usurp position and authority over others; that endowment came from the Father only, in due time.  Jesus said He wouldn’t have this in His group (like the Gentiles do), but that if you want to be great, to serve others.

2.      Don’t aspire for position…just work at having a servant’s heart.

Chapter 21

1.      Jesus delegated tasks to His disciples.
– Jesus demonstrated zeal for the purity of the House of the Lord when it had corrupt activity within it.
– Jesus taught His disciples to pray with faith.

2.      I must pray with faith, believing the Lord will accomplish His perfect will.

Chapter 22

1.      Jesus taught His disciples to seek and find men of all walks to bring them into the Kingdom.
– Jesus dealt head-on with those that tried to trap Him and put them in their place.

2.      I need to know the Scriptures intimately so that I can speak wisely to those who don’t believe in the Lord.

Chapter 23

1.      Jesus exposed hypocrisy so that believers wouldn’t follow their example.

2.      I need to pray for God’s direction when around hypocrites so that I would handle it in a way that would be acceptable to Him.

Chapter 24

1.      Jesus warned and encouraged His disciples to stay faithful and keep on preaching when the end times approach.

2.      I must keep my soul alert and ready for my precious Lord’s return.

Chapter 25

1.      Jesus taught His disciples to be ready at all times, for no one knows when He will return and find us doing or not doing His will.

2.      I must keep doing my Lord’s will, while patiently waiting for His return.

Chapter 26

1.      So that Jesus, and His pending sacrifice, wouldn’t be forgotten, Jesus instituted the Last Supper to remember Him.
– Jesus took with Him three of His most trusted/loved disciples a little further into the Garden to pray with Him.  Leaders need prayer supporters.
– Jesus rebuked Peter for cutting off a servant’s ear when they came to arrest Him.  Jesus rebuked Peter and told him to put it away.  Jesus had a mission to accomplish, and it led to the cross, and He didn’t want anything to prevent Him from fulfilling that mission.

2.      I need to continue to lift up our church leaders in prayer to support them, asking for God’s strength on high to be abundant to them.
– I must not detour from the mission and gift God has placed upon me.

Chapter 27

1.      (Jesus’ crucifixion.)


Chapter 28

1.      Jesus commanded and commissioned His disciples to go into all the world and make disciples, baptize them, and teach them all that He had taught them.
– Jesus gave them assurance to do this task because He promised He would be with them to the end of the age.

2.      I must carry out the great commission, for I, too, have His promise that He is with me.

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