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Is there a Priest in the House

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Text:  Ephesians 5:25-27


            When was the last time you had a priest in your house?  Do you see the need of a priest in your house?              What does a priest do?  (Ministers to God and to people.)                    Now, let me ask that question again: Do you see the need of a priest in your house?   Who has God appointed to be the priest in your house?  (The husband.)

            I did a quick search through the Bible about who is responsible for spiritual direction.  I found that God certainly used leaders like Abraham and Moses.  There was an appointed office of priest, who fed the Israelites spiritually.  But I came across passage after passage where the one responsible for the spiritual direction in the home rested on the shoulders of the husband and father.  Let me take you through a brief walk through a couple of those scriptures.                Deut. 6:4-10                    Exodus 12:25-27        *Psalm 78:1-7

            Can I speak to you from the heart?  I really miss my Mom & Dad.  I miss their love, their phone calls and visits.  Mom’s been gone 13 years now and Dad 10 years.  I also miss my three boys.  They have moved out of the house, out of town, and sometimes, out of realization that I still need to hear their voice every day.  My parents were good Christian parents and steered me in the right direction.  And as long as God gives me breath, I’ll steer my boys to a closer walk with God.  Because, you see, I know that it’s their walk with God that’s going to get them through this life long after I’m dead and gone! 

            So here’s my heart speaking to your heart: Men, be a priest to your family long before they call the pastor to come lay you in the ground…because what you share with them in the Lord will outlast any other influence in this world!  What you share in the Lord will have eternal effects!  And some day you’ll all be together again…before our Great High Priest, Jesus Christ!

            Now, I saved the best Scripture about the man’s role of the priest until now.  Turn with me to Ephesians 5:25-27.  What roles of a priest do you see in this passage?  (Sanctify – set apart for special use; cleans with the Word; present her in glory better than when Christ gave her to you.)

            I propose to you that God has ordained the man to be the priest to his wife and their children.  Whether you are a Bible student or not, men, you are the priest!  Whether you live it or ignore it…you are the priest!

            Let me share some thoughts about the implication of this.


1.      If your wife said to you, “Minister to me,” what do you think she would say she needs? 
Most women would say they want their husbands to pray with them and for them.
Many a minister has fallen into a love affair a woman in the congregation because she first came to him with a genuine need to be ministered to.  Hearts bond to those that minister to you; thus, one thing leads to another.
The need is huge!…the need of the husband being that minister…that spiritual guide that meets their spiritual needs.

2.      How does praying with your wife and children produce intimacy?
In prayer you are talking at an intimate level. 
It draws your spirits together.
It helps one another to identify the needs within each other.
And because you are praying about it, you then have the resource of the Holy Spirit to help meet those needs.

3.      What happens to the spirit of a marriage when you minister to one another at an intimate level?
It produces unity…oneness of spirit.
You do that guys, and I’ll promise you the adoration and sparkle in the eyes will come back that you saw in them when you were dating!
If your family’s intimate needs are met by the husband and father, they won’t need to go elsewhere to have those needs met.

4.      What does this statement mean to you?  “Every woman needs to be unique in her husband’s eyes.”
Women need to know their husbands think she is the one God sent us and we find her special above all other women.
I find special ways to tell my wife every day that I love her.  (Explain.)  Guys, it works…I’ve had the adoration of that special woman down there for 30 years come this Tuesday.


5.      Do you think a family’s deepest needs are met if we don’t pray for one another and with one another?
Prayer touches the soul…and that’s where the deepest needs lie. 
There are some things we can’t touch in there…only the Holy Spirit can.
And so if we don’t pray with them…we’re left without a tool to reach their deepest needs.


6.      A man ministers to his family by giving them Godly direction from the Bible.
How can we begin to do this if we have never done this before? 
Read a chapter of Proverbs every day and share how it relates to what you see in the home.  I’ll guarantee you’ll find something in Proverbs that relates to the interactions and life events in your home.


7.      A man ministers to his family by giving them assurance.
What areas can you think of for each one in your family where they feel inadequate and could use your assurance?  If you don’t know, ask them.
The Dad and husband that props them up when they are uncertain will be the one they will flock to when the chips are down.


8.      A man ministers to his family when he gives them security.
How can the man give his family security? 
They must feel “safe” in your presence.
If I could go back and undo something I did in my younger days, it would be to get a better grip on my tongue.  I overpowered my family and said things I wish I could take back.
To give your family security means you give unconditional love no matter what happens.  Love, love, love!


            Is there a priest in your home that ministers?  Men, you are desperately needed!                   God is counting on the husband and father to be the priest to his family!     He has ordained you to be that priest!

            Let me pray for God’s anointing upon each of you men to be God’s priest to your family.  Pray.

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