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Faith That Moves Mountains

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Text:  Matthew 17:14-20


            Most of the time, the greatest obstacle hindering our spiritual growth is not our circumstances…but ourselves!  Read Text!

            Perhaps we should not ask for faith that would move the mountain, but for the faith to move me! 

            The soldier of Christ is one who walks so close to God that you leave no room for Satan to come in between!  It’s having a persevering spirit that yields yourself totally to the will of God…nothing less…nothing else!

            Notice in our text that the disciples tried to cast out a demon but could not.  The problem was not in the power of God, nor was it that God wasn’t willing.  The problem was themselves!  Perhaps the focus, therefore, needs to be on changing us…before we go changing mountains!  Let’s do some discussion in that area.

1.      What are the causes of spiritual deadness?

2.      What are the causes of a lack of discipline in the Christian life?

3.      How do you instill a desire for spirituality in others?

4.      Are you willing to be “broken” so that God can reform others?  Jer. 4:19-22

5.      What can you do to sharpen your spiritual alertness to clearly hear the voice of God?

What do you sense the Holy Spirit urging you to change in your life?  When will you begin?


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