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Sibling Rivalry in the House of God

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Proposition: The joy and attention to younger and sometimes needy members does not negate the love and support for older and many times more skilled members of the church.

Introduction: Explain the story of the younger son. His wasting of his inheritance and his return home.

The Older Son Was at Work

    • In the field. there is always work to be done in the house of God. We can't let the work of God make us miss opportunities to enjoy the fruit of our labors.
    • Discovered a party in progress. There is joy in heaven when a sinner repents from his sin. We should have the same joy.

The Older Son Was Angry

    • He refused to enter the party. This reaction is unfortunate.
      • He compared the way he has been treated to how his brother is being treated.
      • He shows no joy for the safety of his brother
      • He is only concerned about his own gifts or rewards

The Fathers Explanation

    • All is yours. The Father tries to explain that his older son has every thing. The church need older members to wrap their arms around the younger members, train them, and then older members can move into leadership roles. the health of the church will rest in the hands of the older mature Christians.
      • The fathers trust
      • The fathers possessions
      • The fathers estate

Conclusion: issue the challenge. "What are you doing to welcome your bothers and sisters into the church

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