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Experiencing God in My Life Bible Study

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Text:  Exodus 2,3,4


     Have you ever wondered how God works?  If you’ve had the concept that after He was finished with Creation that He sat down and did nothing except dispatch angels when there is trouble, you’ve got the wrong idea about God.  God is more active than you and I can conceive.  He’s busy right now…working through the Holy Spirit in you…because God wants to do His work through His people!

     But before God can work through you, He has to get you from where you are to where He is.  That’s what we are going to discover in this study, and in the process we are going to learn how to experience God in our life.

      Moses is a good example of how God works with His people.  The Bible’s record on his life helps us to see how Moses came to know and follow God’s will.  Let’s look at Moses’ call and response.

1.      What’s the setting in these verses?  Ex. 2:23-25       Where was Moses at this time?       How was he an answer to their outcry?  (God raised Him just for that purpose, and was already working in preparing their deliverance.  Moses was the agent of that deliverance.)

2.      What did it take for God to bring Moses onto the scene?  (God’s preparation began long before by saving him right after birth by Pharaoh’s daughter finding the basket in the bulrushes on the river.  He learned leadership through Pharaoh’s household.  God keep His hand on Moses because he had a purpose.)
Insight: Your cries don’t fall on deaf ears!  God has been a deliverer a lot longer than you have had problems, so be assured that He is already at work as soon as your cry goes up.

3.      Do delays mean God is not at work on our crisis?  (No, it just means there may be some spiritual conflict after He has dispatched the help.)  Dan. 10:1-14

4.      Prior to Moses becoming the deliverer of Israel, how did he develop a relationship with the Lord?  (While shepherding sheep on a mountain side.)
Insight: Prior to receiving a call by God to do great things we are often given seemingly unimportant tasks to test, prepare and develop us.  During these times patience is needed to learn all you can to prepare you for the work that is to come.

5.      Where was Moses when God called him to join Him in His work?  Ex. 3:1-3, 8-10  (Even though Moses was in exile in the desert, he was right on schedule, right in the middle of God’s will.)        Which was God’s greater concern at this point…Moses’ well-being or Israel’s deliverance?
Insight: It wasn’t God’s will for Moses that was important…it was God’s will for Israel that was of supreme importance.  God’s plan was to deliver Israel.  Once Moses hear what God was doing, he found himself right in the center of God’s will…he was to be the agent of deliverance!

6.      Since God is Almighty, why does He use us to accomplish His work?  (That’s why He created us.  We are the instruments of His hand to accomplish His work on earth.)
Insight: We need to take our eyes off our schedule and seek to be at the center of His work.  God has other deliverances to perform and He needs you in place to accomplish it when the time is right.

7.      Whenever God gets ready to do something, He reveals it to His people.  How do we know where God is about to work?  (He reveals it to those who are in tune with Him; He reveals His purpose in His Word.)  Num. 12:6-8; Amos 3:7       What is the difference between a prophet and us?  (A prophet is fully submitted to God and listens to what God has to say.)
Insight: Listen people!  Listen to God’s voice…listen to others when they speak in behalf of God.  God may be trying to tell you what He is doing and invite you to join Him in His work.  Secondly, be careful what you say to others; make it align with what God wants to say to them, not what you want.

8.      Sometimes God’s invitation to work with Him leads to a crisis.  What was Moses’ crisis?  (A crisis of belief.)  Ex. 3:11,18; 4:1,10,13       What caliber of things does God do in comparison to what we do?  (His work is beyond our abilities, which leads to a belief crisis.)

9.      Does joining God then require a strong faith?       How did Moses measure up?  Heb. 11:24-29  (Every one of the works was bigger than Moses, but His name is recorded in the hall of fame because faith in a mighty God made it happen!)
Insight: Faith moves mountains.  That’s how big God’s work is.  If you want God to work in your life, if you want to be involved with Him, you need to sow mustard seeds now to reap a miracle tomorrow.  Eph. 3:20-21

10.  Do you think we might have to make some adjustments to join God’s work?  (Major!)       What was Moses’ adjustment?  (He had to go back to where things were difficult and make a request to Pharaoh that wasn’t going to be popular.)
Application: I haven’t seen anybody who didn’t have to do some stretching and adjusting to join God’s work.  God’s tasks are big, beyond us, and to join Him we will have to make changes.  That may be a higher level of purity, a change of thinking, or a yielding of control.  But God wants us to depend on Him and make the adjustments.

11.  Here’s the awesome thing about discovering God: You come to know God as you obey Him!  As Moses obeyed God, what did he discover about God?  Ex. 14:15-17, 21-23, 26-31  (The whole nation of Israel came to know God as a divine Deliverer!)


     God is really able to do what He puts in our heart to accomplish with Him!  That’s where a lot of people got hung up and quit following God’s leading…they don’t believe Him.  People, if you stand on the shore and don’t move, you’re going to be left behind!  It’s when you step out in faith that the walls of the impossible crumble right in front of you, and that’s when you realize you have just experienced God intimately.
     Do you think God can work in extraordinary ways through your life to accomplish His will for the Kingdom?
     You don’t have to be a Moses.  God doesn’t want you to be a Moses.  God wants to do through you whatever He chooses.  When you believe that nothing significant can happen through you, you have said more about your belief in God than you have said about yourself!  The truth is, He is able to do anything He pleases with one ordinary person (a sheep herder like Moses) who commits themselves to follow Him by faith!

     Illustration:  John the Baptist’s ministry was only 6 months before he died.  Yet Jesus said this about him: “There is no one greater than John!”

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