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A Present For God

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Proposition: Few people are concerned about the things of God lately. Most are concerned about what presents to buy for family and friends or ourselves. Has anyone asked God what he wants? Have we put God on our gift list? When you give to God, then you receive 100 fold.

Introduction: What do you get for teenagers?

Teenagers are hard to gauge. If you get the cheap gift they won’t be happy, because the expensive gift is what they need to be cool. If you get something that you can’t afford then it could be last week’s fad. If you give them money, it’s never enough.

We have toyed around with what gifts to give our teenage children. We have tried the money gift, the clothing gift, and the gift card. One thing that I’ve noticed is that the goodness of the gift has more to do with the giver and the recipient. When we give from our heart and our children receive from their heart the gift is a home run

David had a desire to please God, and this was evident from the text we will look at today.

I. David’s Situation (v.1)

  • It came to pass…
    1. This statement has a lot of history behind it. (see 2 Sam 7:8-9) The story of David’s life had many ups and downs.
    2. What is your story? Have you had some rough bumps in the road?
  • The king was dwelling in his house…
    1. David was in his house. He was not out fighting at this time. God had placed in this place.
    2. Are you wiling to dwell where God would have you dwell? We sometimes want to chase “pipe dreams”. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Learn to dwell in what ever place God has you.

II. David’s Hearts’ Desire (v.2-3)

  • David acknowledges his prosperity – David took inventory of all the blessings that God had bestowed on him.
    1. God had given David rest from all his enemies. We see David in at a point in his life where there was no strife.
    2. How would you handle you life with no drama or fighting? Some people have grown so accustom to problems, that they cannot handle a life free from problems. They will even sabotage their lives, because they are so used to failure and problems.
  • David desires to bless God
    1. In the mist of David’s good times, he is still looking for ways to bless God. David is always thinking of the ways of God. In good times, bad times. (He would not kill Saul when opportunity permitted it, even if that would have made his life easier (see 1 Sam 24:6;26:9,11,16))
    2. How often do you think about the things of God? Are you only concerned with your situation? Do the holidays mean only food, presents, or Christmas bonuses to you?

III. God’s Response (v. 4-7)

  • God had not asked for what David was offering
    1. God sent message for David to check the history. No where before had God instructed that a house be built; only tents were used.
    2. We must consult the word of God when we plan to act in the house of God. Some things may be displeasing to God that is meant to please Him.
  • God desires to build a spiritual house.
    1. God uses David’s enthusiasm. God wants to build a ‘house’ for Israel, and as we will see soon God is able to bless Israel and David with the plan He sets forth.
    2. If you have a desire to do for God, He will find work for you to do. We can find in the word of God a work that can bless all those around us.

IV. The Seed of David (v.10-17)

  • God will establish the kingdom David
    1. David’s desire was to build a house for the ark of God, but God reveals a plan to build a house for David. This house is more than cedar and pleasantries. This house is built by God himself, and the people of God make up the timbers.
  • David’s kingdom will be use to bring glory to God
    1. God has planed for the salvation of the world since the Garden of Eden. God will use the descendants of David to continue the seed of promise.
  • The immediate and long term fulfillment of God’s promise
    1. Solomon was the immediate fulfillment of this covenant. Solomon had sinned in the later years of his kingdom, but God did not rip the kingdom from David’s family.
    2. Jesus fulfills this prophesy for all of eternity. Jesus is the fulfillment of many Old Testament prophesies.

Conclusion: Prophesies of the Old Testament

In Garden of Eden – The seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent.

To Abraham – I will bless the entire world in your seed.

To Isaiah – A virgin shall conceive and bear a child.

To Micah – In Bethlehem the king shall be born.

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