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The Parking Ticket

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One new believer discovered this. He says that right after he and his wife became believers, the IRS the IRS asked him to defend a tax return from years earlier. Unfortunately, he couldn't defend it. He had been dishonest, and so he began months of painful meetings with the IRS.

Finally, the day came for his last meeting. After parking, he discovered the meter wouldn't take my few remaining pennies, and he was already late. He nearly cried. Instead, though, He prayed, "Lord, we're trusting you with a huge tax problem. It's dumb not to ask you for help with this little meter."

He said, “When I came out later, I saw what looked like a ticket on my car window. I was stunned! Hadn't I asked God to help me? I yanked the paper from under the wiper blade and read these words: "Mike, your time was expired. I took care of it. Chuck."

Incredibly, a friend "happened" to recognize my car and noticed the expired meter. Happened? No. God had used my friend to speak to me that day with a promise of forgiveness and healing, just as he spoke in the months following by resolving our tax debt. You see, when you belong to God, He chooses sides!

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