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The Apple Tart Lottery

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What does manipulation look like? Well The movie Waking Ned Divine begins in the cozy living room of an elderly Irish couple. In the background we hear a television announcer informing the audience that the big jackpot lottery numbers are about to be announced. The husband, Jackie, settles into a comfortable brown chair in front of the television. We can see his wife in the background doing paperwork in the kitchen. Once Jackie is happily ensconced in his old brown chair, anticipating the announcement of the lottery numbers, he calls out to Annie, his wife, "Honey, where's me ticket?"

1. "It's in your trousers," she says.

"Annie, bring me me apple tart, will you."

"Get it yourself," responds Annie.

"Annie, the lottery started," he says. "Oh yes, there she goes, number 19. Annie, come in. Bring me me tart. We got the first one." Jackie appears very pleased he has the first of six lottery numbers, but Annie seems unimpressed and still makes no move to bring Jackie his apple tart.

"Jeepers, Annie. Can you believe it, I got the second," says Jackie as he sits up a little straighter in his seat.

The television announcer gives the third number. Jackie checks his ticket and says, "Oh, will you look at that, girl!" Annie is still ignoring him.

A fourth number is announced, and Jackie yells out, "I can't believe it, Annie. I got the first four!" Now Annie pays attention. She gets up, apple tart in hand, and starts into the room. She is visibly stunned. She puts the apple tart into Jackie's hands.

Jackie begins to eat the apple tart and says, "Annie, we've got it!"

"Jackie, that's five," says a slack-jawed Annie.

"God help us, God help us," says Jackie as the television announcer begins to announce the sixth and final number. The room is thick with anticipation, and Jackie continues to consume his apple tart.

"Now here's the sixth number," says the announcer.

When he calls out the number, Jackie yells, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" All the while he is laughing maniacally and tearing up the lottery ticket.

A confused Annie says, "Have we won?"

A wily Jackie responds, "No, but it got me apple tart brought in, didn't it."

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