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Thankful for His Hope

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There is hope today in knowing that Jesus is alive, and that one day He is coming for His children.

A self-made millionaire was scheduled to speak to a class of fifty-nine sixth graders in the heart of one of New York's toughest neighborhoods. These were kids who had grown up around poverty, violence, and a lack of family. They knew what it was like to scrap for meals, protect their turf, and fight for what they wanted. School didn't mean much to them, other than a requirement of the state. What could this man say to them that would help encourage them to make something of their lives? Society said they had no chance. Their diverse ethnic make-up often caused fights and kept them from bonding together like many school children. Deciding to toss out his prepared speech at the last moment, the millionaire decided he would give the kids one clear message of hope.

As he entered the room, most of the children barely made eye contact with him. He began describing who he was, what he did, and a little bit about his background. He described how he too had grown up in poverty. He described his battle to make it in life and talked of his victory and apparent success. The children were not impressed. Finally, he said, "Stay in school, and I'll help pay the college tuition of everyone in this classroom." This caught the attention of the children. A glimmer of hope of a life beyond the streets of New York. A life of learning, prestige, earned wealth, and prominence. A life their families could be proud of. A life that would mean something. As one student put it, "I had something to look forward to, something waiting for me. It was a golden feeling." Those students held on to that hope, and six years later, ninety percent of that class graduated-one of the highest graduating percentages the school had ever seen.

This man gave the children hope. When society told them they'd become just another statistic of high school dropouts, he told them to keep believing they could make something of their life. When people told them things were too tough, they had the hope of a better future. Hope made the difference.

As Christians, our Heavenly Father has given us hope. Our verses today describe our hope, "Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen" (vs. 5-6). Christ is not dead. He is not buried in a tomb in Israel. He is not among the other dead deity. Our Lord has risen, and is alive today!

Our hope is alive because Christ is alive. Even when things go wrong, we have hope. Even when society turns from Christ, we have hope. Even when leaders turn from biblical principles, we have hope. Even when we face storms in our personal lives, we have hope. There is hope today in knowing that Jesus is alive, and that one day He is coming for His children.

Do you have hope today? Don't let the negative reports on the news steal your hope. Don't allow the problems of our world to take away your joy. Remember that Christ not only died, but rose again. He is alive!

Thank God for the hope He offers to all who believe in Him. Without hope, our world would be a depressing place to live. But because He lives, we can face tomorrow. Our hope is in God and His resurrected Son.

Source: Daily in the Word, November 13, 2009

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