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One Last Chance

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God’s last command is our first priority.—Dr. Don Sisk

Roger Simms was hitchhiking his way home after serving overseas in the war. Flashing the hitchhiking sign to the oncoming car, he hopped in when the car stopped. “Going home for keeps?” “Sure am,” Roger responded. “Well, you're in luck if you're going to Chicago.” “Not quite that far. Do you live in Chicago?” “I have a business there. My name is Hanover.” After talking about many things, Roger, a Christian, felt a compulsion to witness about Christ to this fifty-ish, apparently successful businessman. But he kept putting it off, until he realized he was just thirty minutes from his home. It was now or never. So, Roger cleared his throat and proceeded to explain the way of salvation, ultimately asking Mr. Hanover if he would like to receive Christ as his Saviour. To Roger's astonishment the Cadillac pulled over to the side of the road and Mr. Hanover bowed his head and received Christ.

Five years went by, and in Chicago one day Roger decided to look up Hanover Enterprises. A receptionist told him it was impossible to see Mr. Hanover, but he could see Mrs. Hanover. A little confused as to what was going on, he was ushered into a lovely office and found himself facing a keen-eyed woman in her fifties. She extended her hand. “You knew my husband?”

Roger told how her husband had given him a ride when hitchhiking home after the war. “Can you tell me when that was?” asked Mrs. Hanover. “It was May 7, five years ago, the day I was discharged from the army.” Mrs. Hanover asked, “Was there anything special about that day?” A bit hesitant he replied, “That day I explained the Gospel to him and He received Christ.” Explosive sobs shook her body. Getting a grip on herself, she sobbed, “I had prayed for my husband's salvation for years. I believed God would save him.”  “And,” said Roger, “Where is your husband, Mrs. Hanover?”  She replied, “He was in a car crash after he let you out of the car. He never got home.”

Roger never knew May 7 would be Mr. Hanover’s last day on earth. Had he ignored the Spirit’s leading, Mr. Hanover would be spending eternity without Christ. But because he listened to God and allowed God to work through him, he was able to lead Mr. Hanover to Christ!

Many times we as Christians fail to obey God’s call to witness because of pride. “What will someone think?” “What if they reject me?” “I’m not a good speaker.” “There will be other people to tell them.” But Christ made Himself of no reputation and took on the form of man to endure the Cross for us. If He left Heaven’s throne for us, can we not simply talk to someone else about Him?

Do you ever find yourself ignoring God’s leading to witness? We are all guilty of not obeying God’s every impulse. Rather than thinking of what others will think of you, think of what Christ will think if you fail to witness to them. Commit right now to being sensitive to God’s leading in the area of witnessing and let Him use you to tell others of His love.

Source: Daily in the Word, August 20, 2008

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